Freeware Game of the Week (What happens when you combine 2D and 3D? A Mind Bending Game!)


Jan 11 - Jan 17

It's no surprise if an innovative game comes directly from the students of Digipen. This school houses one of the best and talented aspiring game developers worldwide. This week's game is cleverly designed and is also mind bending. What might just happen if you were a 2D object trying to escape out of a 3D world? You would need to transcend between your inter-dimensinonal perspectives. surprise Will you come out successful? 


Here's a simple example to show how the game works. Think you are a "live" square on a piece of paper. Umm....You would have no difficulty to move anywhere on it's surface. Now would you be able to move from your restricted 2D space to another piece of paper that's placed above you crossing the 3rd dimensional space? Absolutely not. frown

And what if somebody places his finger on the paper. Will you be able to see his finger completely with your 2D view? Nope, you can only see the cross sectional image of his finger that lies on paper. You can't manipulate the "height" that lies in the 3D world (length*breadth*height). Oh you poor thing......crying

But hey, this game takes your abilities to the next level. Perspective as the name says uses almost the same principle as above, that let's the players to manage the different dimensions of control. In-game you are a 2D avatar moving around in a 2D space but lost in a 3D world. With your unique 3D perspective, you need to manipulate and move in the 3D space to create paths for your 2D avatar.

This mind bending mechanic is done through a first-person camera. The movement happens in 2 modes:

2D perspective: : In the begining you will experience the 2D perspective of the avatar, moving around with your W,A,S,D keys jumping around on blue platforms and avoiding the red ones. You shouldn't also fall outside your frame of view, remember you are only a 2D avatar. 

3D perspective: : Next try left clicking your mouse. Now you'll see the 3D world from a First Person control mode, you'll both be able to use W,S,A,D keys to move around in 3D space and also look around using your mouse. cool

This game will challenge your perception skills, the puzzles are cleverly designed , you'll have to try looking at things from a different perspective every time you fail.  


Digipen Gallery

Genre: Puzzle Platformer

Have fun boggling your mind! See you next week...


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Freeware Game of the Week


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I'm getting an error message after installing and trying to boot Perspective 1.0.

"...Source\Graphics\GraphicsContext.cpp(2154):DX error
GetDevice0->CreateTexture2D)&desc, null, and depth)


Do mention your system specs here... You need atleast Windows 7 with DirectX11 to play the game.