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Quad 9 DNS serviceOne of the best-known IP addresses on the internet is It’s a DNS server run by Google.

DNS, or the Domain Name System, is the technology that allows you to type into your web browser instead of having to type the IP address of the server ( in this case). DNS translates between things that people can understand, and things that web servers can understand.

You need a DNS service in order to browse the internet by name instead of number. Normally, the service is provided by your ISP. Your computer is probably configured to “obtain DNS settings automatically”, which means it will use the DNS server provided by your ISP.

For a while now, Google has offered a DNS server that you can use instead of your ISP’s one. It’s generally very fast and reliable (unlike some ISPs’ ones!). Its IP address is and you use it by configuring your computer or router to do so.

A new DNS service called Quad 9 launched recently. As you might expect from the name, its IP address is It’s run by a variety of respected IT and internet organisations including IBM. As well as converting names to numbers, it also helps to prevent you from inadvertently accessing web sites that might contain malware. It does this by simply not providing a conversion for suspicious sites. So your PC won’t be able to access them by name.

If you want to use Quad 9, you’ll need to change the network adaptor configuration on your PC in order to explicitly use instead of whatever DNS server your ISP is providing. Assuming you’re using Windows 10, see for details on how to do so.

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If one uses as ones DNS Server, what should one use as the Alternate DNS Server?

On Spectrum (TWC RR since get go) and have tried all these over years. Finally just left at default ISP. Maybe get bit of spam in Outlook but pretty safe along with the site blockers. Will give 9 a look due to support names.
Hey, I should add that unlike most of other DNS this one uses JUST 1 set of in the field, NOT both. See the site for into. If you do put a second set, the system won't take it a second time. Leave alternate DNS server BLANK.
Seems about same speed. Site looks nice & tech namey. Thanks for pointing into.

Thanks, Rob. How do these services compare to the OpenDNS?

Thanks, Rob.
You forgot to include the URL for Quad9. It's at
Curiously, a Google search for "Quad9" doesn't come up with that, at least for the first two pages. I presume that's a measure of just how new this service is.

Thanks Rob.
I've using Google DNS server for years but this alternative is welcomed.