Free Audio and Ringtones From NASA


NASAListen to audio from NASA missions and download ringtones from NASA's collection of sounds from current missions and previous spaceflights. Listen to podcasts or stream music from Third Rock Radio, NASA's radio station.

NASA has put together a collection of sound files from historic spaceflights and current missions in MP3 and M4R (iPhone) files that can be used as ringtones or downloaded to your computer. The sounds are collected into categories from Discovery, Shuttle and Space Station, Apollo and Mercury, Beeps and Bites and Sounds of the Future. If you want to hear the space shuttle launch, or use the memorable phrase "Houston, we've had a problem" as a ringtone on your mobile phone you can find those and many others here.

To download the MP3 files, NASA recommends using their app for Android, or if you're using iPhone, download and import files to iTunes. If you're on a Windows PC, right click any of the MP3 files in a browser and choose "Save link as..." or "Save linked content as..." (or something similar depending on which browser you're using) to download the MP3 to your PC. You can use the MP3 on your PC or transfer it from your PC to your mobile.

You can find NASA on Soundcloud for podcasts and other audio content, or listen to Third Rock Radio. Third Rock Radio's New Rock/Indie/Alternative format is aimed at tech-savvy young adults, though if you like the genre you may enjoy listening. Third Rock Radio displays the last handful of songs that were played, though the playlist for the last seven days can be found here. The advantage to viewing the playlist is that songs are played as YouTube videos so you can see the video or convert it to MP3 for listening later.

Audio and Ringtones from NASA

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Having been a SciFi fan since I was a child in the fifties [and being considered a bit strange because of it] it has been a great thrill to see so many of those concepts become a reality. Thanks for a great article.

I'm happy you like it. :)