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Finds of the WeekFinds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

7+ Great Games You Can Run from a USB Stick
This article has a list of games you can run from a USB stick along with a few useful tips for USB sticks in general. The games run the gamut from card games to first person shooters. The games listed are AssaultCube, A Dark Room, Chromium B.S.U., Windows XP Classic Games, Pingus Portable, Free Civ, Super TuxKart, Monster RPG 2, plus a link to a tutorial to put Minecraft on your USB stick. (note: site contains several inline and animated GIF advertisements)

How to Wipe and Restore Tablets and Phones for Travel
Whether you travel or not, knowing how to wipe and restore your iOS or Android device might come in handy. All in all it's not an easy or straightforward process, but it's doable if needed. I would add that some Android device manufacturers offer their own backup and restore systems that make the process easier.

Windows 10 tip: Startup and shutdown secrets
I didn't know that Windows 10 has fast startup mode enabled by default, which means a shutdown uses hibernation to restart quickly and isn't a complete shutdown. This wasn't too much of an issue for me, since one of the things I do right away when I install a Windows operating system is to change what the power buttons do (covered in the article), but it's good to know. Ed Bott outlines a few tricks so you can shut down and start up the way you prefer. Short but helpful article.

Sideways Dictionary
If you like your tech jargon explained through analogies, several served up with a twist of humor, then you'll enjoy Sideways Dictionary. You can search for a term, or scroll down the list of popular terms. Some terms have more than one explanation. I liked one of the analogies for the term Autocomplete:
"It’s like someone jumping in and finishing your sentences. Fun and impressive if it’s your telepathic best friend, but annoying if it’s someone else who always gets it wrong". If you like more straightforward tech jargon definitions, I like The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary and Webopedia.
(h/t engadget)

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