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Book plate via Public Domain ReviewThere's so much great content in the public domain with more being added every day, but it's scattered and not easy to find. Wouldn't it be great if someone sorted through it and put it together for you? That's exactly what The Public Domain Review does.

The Public Domain Review, as you might guess from the name, focuses on  finding and collecting works that have fallen into the public domain - material that has fallen out of copyright and is now available to everyone. They gather content from various online archives with an eye on "curious and compelling" works in several areas, most notably art, literature and ideas.

They've gathered most of the items into collections which are sorted by images, books, film and audio, but you can browse the site in several ways.
You can search by medium - image, film, book, or audio, you can search by time (from the pre-16th to the 20th century), browse the selection of tags, or browse by source. In addition they put out a new long form essay every two weeks, available by email subscription.

Each category (images, book, film, audio) can be browsed by time, genre, content, type, and rights.

The overall format of the site is quite nice - the site aims to be like "a small exhibition gallery at the entrance to an immense network of archives and storage rooms that lie beyond."
Some or all of the material is presented on a page, with audio or video embedded in the page where possible so you can listen or view. Links to where the content is available are at the end of the article.
Images and books have samples of text, images, or both, again with links to the source at the end of the entry.

The site is funded by donations and by "returning a few select images from their pixel-based existence back into the world of real objects from whence they once came – Prints, T-shirts, Mugs and More" but those elements are easily identified.

All in all the site is a good place to while away some time or if you're looking for something specific. In keeping with works being in the public domain, most of what you'll find isn't recent but still worth a visit.

Visit The Public Domain Review

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What a great site rhiannon...signed up for newsletter and will explore further this weekend when have more time. Just love sites like this, Thanx.

You're more than welcome, I'm glad you like it. I loved wandering around there.

KUDOS for finding that site and for telling us about it!
Your work for Gizmo's is indispensable.

Oh my goodness....that is such a nice thing to say. Thank you. :)