Enable DreamScene in Windows 7


Bring your desktop background to life with this free utility.

DreamScene is a program originally released as part of the Vista Ultimate Extras Pack that animates your desktop background. It was never released for Windows 7 but thanks to  a new free application you can have it in Windows 7 both 32 bit and 64 bit.

(Windows XP users can download a similar though unrelated program here)

DreamScene uses video wallpapers to bring motion to your desktop. Wallpapers can be downloaded from deviantART, Wincustomize and dreamscene.org.

Some of the DreamScene's I downloaded had the .rar extension (basically, another form of a zip file). You'll need something other than Windows native file compression to unzip it. I've used a free program called 7Zip for years, it's a favorite of mine. You can find it and other suggestions in the Best Free File Archiver/Zip Utility category.

I didn't have any problems downloading and installing the program on Windows 7 32-bit following the directions on the site, and the DreamScenes I tried out worked fine once I got used to my desktop wallpaper moving. :)
Dreamscene works with both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7.

Enable DreamScene in Windows 7 with DreamScene Activator | The Windows Club
via Tiny Hacker


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Is installing Dreamscenes on Windows 7 Professional SP1 is legal? If not, in what cases?

Dreamscene is already in Windows 7. The freeware program simply asks you if you want to enable or disable Dreamscene. I'm not an attorney so I can't comment on any legal issues. Ask Microsoft, there's probably contact information for any country you are in.