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DroidZebra Reversi

An excellent reversi game with a clean user interface and has no ads.


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Get It: Android
License: Free
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Evaluations of valid moves, strong engines with optional search depths, clean user interface with no ads.
Incorrect evaluations of moves in some rare board configurations.

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DroidZebra is an excellent Reversi game app for Android using Zebra Othello Engine written by Gunnar Andersson, with a clean user interface with no ads.

With this 2-player game, you can play with your friend, against the Zebra engine, or Zebra versus Zebra by setting the engine function in the app.

By default, DroidZebra indicates valid moves for you. Switch to a practice move if you want it to show evaluation marks of possible moves on the board. You’re likely getting better moves by following higher marks evaluated by the app's engine. Basic functions such as redos and undos are supported.

Using the engine with a built-in opening book of more than 500,000 positions, DroidZebra offers you an option to adjust engine strength with a search depth from 1 to 20 moves; the deeper search, the higher difficulty level you get.

Besides the search depth, you can opt for other settings like auto forced moves, random moves, forced openings, human openings, or using opening book in the settings.

Zebra is generally considered as one of the strongest engines in the market and suitable for most average players. The engine creator however reckons that some rare board configurations have not been evaluated correctly due to lack of example positions in the game database.


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