Download Network Forensics ($32 value) for free for a limited time


Book cover Network Forensics

Download Network Forensics free for a limited time (offer expires 12/18/18).

Published in 2017, Network Forensics is a guide for anyone looking for a broad understanding of cybersecurity. The 300+ page ebook takes a learn by doing approach to develop skills that translate to the real world. This would be a good library addition if you're preparing for a certificate.

Some areas Network Forensics covers:

  • Investigate packet captures to identify network communications involved in an attack or crime
  • Locate host-based artifacts left by network communications
  • Use logs left behind by network services to correlate with packet captures
  • Understand intrusion detection systems and use them for investigative work
  • Prepare for an incident by having the right network architecture and systems in place

The ebook is offered by TradePub. If you don't have a TradePub account you'll need to create one. Creating an account there is a rather long process and they ask for a lot of information. Get the book here:

Network Forensics by Ric Messier

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