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Download Managers are plenty around the web, but a Universal Download Manager is rare. EagleGet conveniently falls into the second category. It helps you capture and download any file on the web, and also 'sniffs' streaming media playing on your browser and downloads them. The software supports a wide range of protocols from HTTP, HTTPs, FTP, MMS, RTSP and so on.

Now the question is why do you want to use a download manager or specifically what makes EagleGet so special compared to other download managers available out there?

  1. Imagine those situations were you lose your internet connection or your system crashes; it will be difficult to continue those downloads that you were transferring. The multithreaded technology in EagleGet will save you time and your nerves while downloading files helping you to Pause and Resume any broken downloads.
  2. The same Multithreading technology will increase your download speed greatly, by splitting these files into smaller parts and downloading them simultaneously.
  3. EagleGet Integrates into popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE. Not only that, what makes EagleGet so special is its Universal Capture mode, the clipboard monitoring will work on almost all browsers, which means any downloads get transferred to EagleGet no matter what browser you're using.
  4. The Media Sniffer feature is another delight: you can download streaming audio and video from any website you want, in the easiest way possible, and a "Download Now" button will be available while playing. It also provides options for quality of the video to be downloaded, if available.
  5. The Batch Downloader feature lets you download multiple URLs and thus, a whole range of files in an instant.

Moreover, EagleGet is the only freeware download manager that supports Automatic Refreshing of an expired download link ie it lets you resume any broken downloads. The installer scores 0/45 at VirusTotal, contains no adware and the interface is extremely appealing. The downloads are Categorized into different folders for ease of access. With the Drag and Drop feature you can re-arrange the priority of downloads. The Scheduler feature helps you take care of your downloads even when you're not physically present in front of your PC. Also, you can verify the integrity of all files that have been downloaded.

Here you can find the whole list of Features available in EagleGet. Overall, EagleGet is a reliable software that easily manages all your downloads. It has a wide array of features that puts any other similar software to shame, aptly deserving the term Eagle, because when you're on the web, EagleGet is pretty sharp in capturing any download available.


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Nothing for over a year, does this thing still work, is it still being developped and does it work with Palemoon?

This is not a review article, therefore, the latest versions won't be updated. The date is written besides the version. You could have easily gone to the software home page to see whether there was a new version.
EagleGet is at v2.0.2.4 now. A lot of changes has happened since last year, and yes it gets continuously updated. It works well on Palemoon too. Just add your browser in the Monitoring section.

If you get a chance, you might want to mention to them that "eaglegetprotable" doesn't sound very professional and so does "Are you preferred portable apps?".

Grrr i don't like a "portable" that requires installation and shuts down my PaleMoon without asking.

That's it, i removed the addon, that annoying blue download button hiding part of every videos i want to watch was the last straw.

If you were using the installer version it would have given you 2 prompts that EagleGet is going to get shut down, and Running browsers is going to get terminated. This is done to integrate properly with the browsers. I haven't tried the portable version so have no idea about it. The portable versions of download manager only when once launched registers itself in the computer's system. At exit, it will unregister itself automatically. I don't think there's a truly stealth portable Download Manager out there. Even FDM requires installation. You can close the Download button over the video using the 'X' button on it's right, or you can remove it altogether by going to Configuration->Monitoring->Show Record Button on Multimedia Contents EagleGet has 2 other ways to download videos other than using the Download button that appears on videos. This is by using the Video Sniffer button on EagleGet, which uses the URL Sniffing technique to capture video downloads from browser, or By using Media Grabber, which uses the URL parsing method, and doesn't require you to play videos on your browser.

For browser monitoring, the addon should be enough.
If it's not portable, no need to pretend it is.
Ok, i'll see what removing the record button does.

You're confused by the real meaning of a portable program. Programs created from PortableApps is in .paf.exe form that requires installation, but still remains portable. Does that mean they aren't portable either? If it writes settings to the registry or application folder, then it's not stealth portable, if it does not, then it makes it stealth portable. This portable version of the download manager, registers and unregisters itself automatically after usage.

Programs created by PortableApps don't "install" they just unzip.

You are right about the difference between portable and stealth, i always expect portables to be stealth.

I tried using it after turning Record off and the blue button is still there, but only when the pointer hovers over the video, so that's ok.

Installation simply means making a program ready for execution. What I meant was, the files are decompressed while you go through the installation wizard. What makes an installed program portable is if it doesn't *leaves* file and settings on the host computer but can be ported to another. And not whether it *writes* files and settings. Even if it writes it can still be portable, but it wont have stealth. If it doesn't write then it makes stealth. You might need to restart your browser after you uncheck the option for Record button for it to work properly.

It created problems when i had "too" many opened Youtube tabs, so i just scrapped it all.

I don't really consider a program portable when you need administrator level to "install" it before you can use it. Is that what happens with non-stealth portables on windows 7?

Editors just post about software on the site. They are not associated with the software. Why don't you mention the issues to EagleGet yourself?

I don't know how and i just thought that he might be on there forum or something if he likes there product so much.

Since I'm reviewing the category of Download Managers, I make sure I register in every forum associated with any software I review, so that I can learn and get to know the program more. It's been a long time I've been to EagleGet forums, since I'm testing other download managers now, and hence in their corresponding forums.

version of EagleGet is out and reported stable @ website.

although every reviewer does not have the time it appears you have thoroughly checked e/g out... refreshing.

michael clyde

Is anyone aware of a way to download MS Silverlight-based videos that are embedded in a webpage? EagleGet isn't able to do this.


Could you post some url's for the same, so that I can confirm whether EagleGet is able to do it or not?


I'd like to save some of the videos from this page:

If EagleGet is unable to save these files, are you aware of any free software that can?

Thank you.

EagleGet is able to download the videos for me from the site you've pointed in your post. A "Download Now" button will appear on top of the videos and the downloads started just as soon as you do so. Are you using version Try re-installing the software and what browser are you using?

Yes, I'm using the most recent version of EagleGet. Re: browser, I use either Comodo IceDragon or Comodo Dragon. Do I need to use a different browser? If not, is there something I'm missing here?



EagleGet works best on IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It works on many other browsers too, but Video Sniffer might not be available in them. Although, the video sniffer feature still works perfectly on Chromium based browsers like SRWare Iron and Comodo Dragon etc. I'm able to get a "Download" button on Comodo Dragon for the videos on the site you've posted. Here's a screenshot for proof. Although EagleGet installs it's extensions automatically for IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera, the same cannot be said for Dragon.
  • 1. Did you check if EagleGet downloader is present in Extensions menu of Dragon. If the extension is not installed do this procedure: If you're using 64bit O.S go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EagleGet\addon and drag the .crx file to extensions in Comodo dragon and click Add. If you're using 32bit O.S go to Program Files instead of Program Files (x86)
  • 2. Also type "chrome://plugins/" (Without the quotes) and check if there are 2 instances of EagleGet over there.
  • 3. Also in EagleGet interface go to Configuration->Connection and change the User Agent string to Google Chrome. This is not necessary, still it's worth a try.
    • Post back if you've got it working or still having trouble.

Thank you, George.J. I was able to get some of the files to download. However, I'm still having problems with the ones like "Enhancing the Informativeness of Young Victim Witnesses" and "Pretrial Publicity and Jury Decision Making". With those, an additional window pops up and includes a message about MS Silverlight.

Any ideas?


That's not an issue related to EagleGet, you just need to download MS Silverlight and install the plugin to watch those videos. Only then EagleGet will be able to capture those videos when playing. You can download MS Silverlight from here: It's around 7MB.

I already have Silverlight installed on my laptop. I am able to watch these videos via streaming. However, I am not able to download these videos.

Just as a general comment, I use FlareGet with Chrome on Linux and there is interference from my Quick Javascript Switcher extension. Not sure how relevant this might be to EagleGet and Windows but I'm wondering if some of the reported issues at least might be connected with the likes of NoScript and/or ad-blockers, or even interference from the HIPS components in third party firewalls? MC - Site Manager.
FlareGet, EagleGet, FlashGot has got video sniffer features that requires you to enable javascript to work properly. EagleGet uses browser plugins, whereas FlashGot uses javascript to download videos. Not sure about FlareGet, but I believe it uses javascript too. For these download managers to work properly, or on sites you need to download files, you'll need to enable javascript.
Thanks George.J. I know that I need to enable Javascript via my switcher extension for every download link in order for FlareGet to launch. MC

"EagleGet is the only freeware download manager that supports Automatic Refreshing of an expired download link ie it lets you resume any broken downloads."

Leaving aside the questionable grammar of this sentence, automatic resuming of interrupted downloads has been a staple of download managers for decades, all the way back to the days of dial-up. I'm pretty sure Firefox and Chrome will quite happily pick up from where they left off – but then, I can barely remember the last time I had a large download interrupted by my connection dropping or my system crashing, as downloads tend to be a lot faster than they were way back when, and systems are a lot more stable too.

If the media capture is as good as DownloadHelper in Firefox, I might have a look-see, though.

FDM also supports resumed downloads.

Here I'm talking about expired download links, i.e temporary links (links that cannot be requested twice or expire after some time when session is completed). It's not possible in any other freeware download manager. EagleGet automatically refreshes them to make it possible to resume broken downloads. Read more here:!prettyPhoto