Download Flash Games to Play on Your Desktop Before Flash Disappears in 2020


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Adobe will be taking down Flash at the end of 2020. If you like to play Flash based games, here's how to download them to play on your computer when it's gone.

Adobe will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020. They will continue to issue security updates and maintain compatibility for browsers and operating systems through EOL (End of Life).
If you have favorite Flash based games, the Flashpoint preservation project is dedicated to making the games available to play before they become extinct at the end of 2020.

This article takes you step by step on how to download games to play on your desktop using the Flashpoint preservation project tool. The tool supports Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, HTML5, Java Applets, Unity Web Player, Microsoft's Silverlight, 3DVIA Player, 3D Groove GX, PopCap Plugin, and ActiveX and runs on Windows 7 and up.

If your favorite game isn't listed, you can request that it be added. Some games won't be available if the developer or publisher doesn't want them preserved for future use.

(If you're interested in other, older games and software without Flash, visit the CD-ROM Software Collection at the Internet Archive).

The Flashpoint game master list contains all the games preserved so far, separated by platform and sortable by title, genre, developer, and publisher.
The Flashpoint tool with all current games included is a big download - the compressed file is 103 GB. There is a lighter version (575 MB) minus the games - each game is loaded when you want to play it.
Directions on downloading and using Flashpoint are here:

Flash Going in 2020 – Here’s How To Download Flash Games to Play Forever

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I would just download all 3,000+ SWF files in one massive folder and use

Swiff Player

to play them ... and HOPE that it keeps on using the LAST version Flash Plugin ... forever ...

just as I hope that iSwiff on the Mac does the Same.

(Or I'm gonna miss these games. My Flash Experiences go as far back as "Radiskull and Devil Doll" - from 20 Years Ago ... back when Amazon was still learning to sell books online. Those were Heady days.)

Thank you for that.
I still have the mousepad that amazon sent out to customers as a gift - I think it may have been in their first year or two of business.

Yeah, the thrill of getting carpet bombed with the latest version of AOL Online (2.7) on an 800 KB Dual Sided "Floppy" disk (The first of their kind that weren't ACTUALLY Floppy) ... so that you could move up from a 600 Baud BBS to a "Real" online provider at 14.4K Baud (Dialup, of Course.) ... these Whippersnappers will never know it ... .

(I still vividly remember the Fax-Like buzzing it made as it was "Handshaking" the connection [Think 'R2D2 Cursing' ... ] - It's probably just PTSD from it.)

We've both been online since Jesus was a little boy, Huh?

Lol many years....Usenet, Bulletin Boards, IRC, ListServ. Then AOL, GEnie, Prodigy.

R2D2 cursing? Oh I love that. :)

Sounds like Mac Users could use either "PlayOnMac" or "Winebottler" to try to run this "Windows ONLY" Application.

If they download JUST the Games themselves (As .SWF Files) ... I play all of my SWF games, on my Mac, with "iSwiff" ... which you will want to go get and install, NOW, before Adobe pulls the plug on the format. (Get all 103 GB of games and see which ones "launch" ... I'll bet you'll be busy for a while.)

Linux Users COULD Try out "PlayOnLinux" to see if Flashpoint works under it. (You probably need the MONO Framework, also.)

I hope this Helps!!! C. Mc.

Couldn't get it running on "Sierra" using "PlayOnMac" ...

I DID get the Flashpoint 6 Folder INTO the PlayOnMac "C:/" Drive, though. I MIGHT have gotten it to run but I read the "Read Me" first: and decided not to graft another head onto my shoulders ... (we might argue).

Just get the .swf Game Files themselves from the Flashpoint web site and use "iSwiff"

 ... on Mac Systems
or "Swiff Player" , for Windows Boxes, to play 'Em.


Thank you. :)

For years you've helped Me out, and saved my bacon, with your good suggestions. So, I'm honored that I dragged something in that was useful to YOU,  just this once.

But now I'm curious ... what OS are you running? And which of those suggestions was the winner, as far as you were concerned? (I'm on OS X 10.12.6 and "iSwiff" is one of those sweet little 'hidden gems' that I like so much - gotta share that one with my buddies!)

In the future, when you are posting "Windows Only" programs, feel free to add mentions of "Winebottler", and those two "PlayOn ..." Applications: so those of us that are "Windows challenged" might have a shot at using them anyway. This Mac Freeware Category has 3 such choices:

Mind you, none of those 3 are "perfect" emulators on the Mac (Nor are "Wine" and "PlayOnLinux" perfect emulators on Linux) ... there are going to be SOME programs that just won't work under them. But it sure gives us "Think Different" types a SHOT at getting the program to work for US!

I tried to get Flashpoint 6 running with "PlayOnMac". I got as far as the "Read Me" and gave up.


Flashpoint runs a web and proxy server on your computer, changing your computer's proxy settings in order to send web games through our server for the purpose of defeating sitelocks, loading files and playing games. This will redirect web traffic that is not related to Flashpoint through our server while Flashpoint is running. While we do not gather, track or use web data passed through our server, other traffic may be negatively affected or stopped while it runs through our server. If you do not consent to this, do not use Flashpoint. If you use a system proxy on your computer already, we suggest backing up your proxy settings before using Flashpoint. We include the source code to our Redirector program in the Flashpoint FPSoftware/Redirector folder, and the web server is unmodified Apache, PHP and SQLite with a few custom scripts, and you are welcome to browse through them to ensure we aren't using your data for nefarious purposes.

No, I really didn't want all of my web traffic going through their servers ... I would choose something else instead. (I'll Tell.)

Is the Flashpoint tool cross-platform? I couldn't find any info on Mac/Linux compatibility.

The FAQ and readme links both state: Windows 7 and up, as thoroughly updated as possible. Also listed are some requirements for .NET and others should your installation of Flashpoint not work. I see no mention of Mac compatibility. Maybe you could achieve functionality with Linux by installing Windows 7/10 in a VM but because of how this app operates I wouldn’t like to guarantee success. :) MC - Site Manager.

I checked the site and their Discord server as I was writing the article. From their Discord server FAQ:

What operating systems do you support? Windows 7 and up.

I didn't find any mention of other operating systems on any of the other channels I looked at.

They should use torrents for this, especially the MEGA file.

Apparently no one would seed the torrents they put up so they dropped the idea. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯