Download 92 Actual Size Printable Rulers For Free


RulersDownload a variety of actual size printable size rulers for free.

Printable rulers can come in handy several ways, like measuring things that are curved or where you need to wrap a ruler around an object. This site lists places you can download and print not only rulers of all kinds, in centimeters and inches, but protractors, growth charts, yardsticks, metersticks, rulers with no numbers, architect and engineer scale rulers, measuring tapes, french and hip curves both imperial and metric, and rulers with color coded measurements.

Rulers can be printed on printer paper, or if you want something a little sturdier, card stock works well. 

The rulers are all downloadable PDF files. To make sure the rulers print accurately, printer settings should have Page Scaling set to None and make sure that Shrink to Fit is turned off.

92 Free, Printable Rulers in Actual Size

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Where are the rulers shown in your graphic?

They are an image from Pixabay (my favorite free image site).
Since there were several sites listed in the article, I used a generic image. All the sites are good and I don't want to give one precendence over another.

Oh what a great idea - much easier to read than most rules.

They are pretty accurate on my inkjet printer, more so on a laser printer. I printed out a few to test using a Shaedler Precision Rule (accurate to 1/5000th of an inch and photographically printed) and lines were exact to 1/4", were just a hair off on smaller increments. I would guess the printer has a part in that. An old inkjet never printed the same thing the same way twice - there was always 1/16" to 1/8" difference.

Came across this site a while ago but forgot to bookmark it so I'm glad you listed it here. These rulers are perfect for indicating the size of objects you might want to sell online. Sometimes a photo can be misleading but all the guesswork is eliminated when you include one of these rulers along side the object.