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Simple interface. Very easy to use. Can backup drivers from an offline system. Backs up phantom devices. Option to save list of installed drivers in text file. Fast restoration of drivers.

Our Review:

Double Driver has a simple interface, and the program itself is very easy to use. Its noteable feature is that it can backup drivers from an offline system too. This is very useful in cases, where a system is unable to boot, for some reason. This feature, apart from others, gives it an edge over other software. The only other software to have this feature in the category is DriverBackup!.

For backup, by default, non-Windows drivers are selected in the list. Options are available to invert this selection, to select all, or select none. Users may also select individual drivers of their choice. Drivers can be backed-up to structured folders(default option), as a compressed folder, or to a single self-extract file. For the last option though, Double Driver crashed, when I tried to use it. It seems to be a bug.

Restoring the drivers is also easy. Select the driver backup location, the folder where they were backed up previously, and it shows the list of drivers which can be restored. Again, options are available to choose which drivers to restore. The restoration process is quite fast too, and I will say it is reliable.

Double Driver has the option to save the list of drivers in a text file. Option to print the list is also there. This feature is quite useful, to see which drivers have been installed on the system. The list is quite informational, providing name, version number, date, hardware ID etc.

Overall, Double Driver is simple, very reliable, has some good features, making it the top choice in the category.

DoubleDriver was reviewed by on based on version 4.1.0.