Don't Like the MS Office Ribbon? Bring Back Proper Menus.


Many people think that the new ribbon interface that Microsoft introduced with Office 2007 was a definite change for the better. But lots of people, including myself, disagree. We spent years learning our way around the traditional menu structure, which merely resulted in frustration when Microsoft decided to "improve" things.

If you use Office 2007 or 2010 and you want the old menus back, there are a handful of programs and add-ins that can achieve this for you. One of the better-known offerings is Ubit Menu.  You can get it from, and it works in both Office 2007 and 2010.  It's a tiny download, at less than 400 KB.

As you can see from the screen shot below, it adds a new "Menu" tab to the ribbon.  Click on that tab, and you'll find a traditional menu far with all your favourites.

For personal use, it's free of charge.  A commercial licence is still good value, at around $10 for the base licence and an additional 65 cents per user.


Ubit Menu


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Microsoft seems to think "progress" and "innovation" has been changing the names of functions and moving the icons from a familiar menu to some unintuitive new menu!. The ribbon, truly a new innovation, but was so poorly thought out and "user tested" as to be almost UNUSABLE. What a disaster. After 20 years training their customers to a consistent Menu driven system, they leap to the horrible ribbon to attract new customer, screw the millions of current customers.

The new name they are giving for a RETREAT from the disastrous ribbon, "Fluent Design", is their attempt to disguise they are trying to remedy their terrible mistake, but they are too ARROGANT to admit they made a mistake!

The VP of Office at Microsoft should be looking for another career!

Office 2010 has me struggling for basic commands that I had memorized over a decade ago. 8.1 was OK for tablets, but a disaster on the PCs and (non-touch screen) laptops that most of us use use for business. They are such a one trick pony. Their biggest success (the original Windows OS) wasn't even their idea, they completely stole it from Apple's OS. Nearly identical. Zune, Vista, 8.1... the massive failures keep mounting. Lucky for them they made a fortune on their first Windows OS, or they would have went the way of Netscape. Change for the sake of change, with very little real innovation. They are very out of touch with what people actually want. They will really need Windows 9 to save them. Their dynasty is long over because there are far too many other options now. Apache Open Office, Google Docs, etc. They are in real danger of losing their following. They lost a LOT of goodwill with 8.1. Tens of thousands of public, private and SOHO companies have switched to the highly similar and free Linux, Ubuntu or Open Office. Virgin Airlines, The US Department of Defense, The City of Munich, the US Navy, Google's Chromebooks, etc, etc. all use some version of Linux. It's a shame. I am not a hater. They are a US company that employs thousands of Americans and have greatly enriched it stockholders in its early years. But that was then, and this is now. It's a very different landscape and they need to adjust to the times and realities. I just wish they would do better for all of us. Their future depends upon it.

This is without a doubt, beyond all reasonable incredulity the MOST UNINTUITIVE version of “MICROSOFT WORD” EVER!!!!!!

If your looking for a very good compatible Office that you have a choice of ribbon or icons then Kingsoft is it. It's free and you can switch. All you have to do is find a publisher program or just keep MS Publisher.

I'm an older guy and have been a user of Office since it came out.

I have Office 2010 now and I really dislike the ribbon.

I am all for change and improvement, but I do not find it easier or faster to use.
in fact I can NEVER find even the basic command in Word and Excel and Access is just impossible.

I wonder if people who leave school growing up on the ribbon find it easy to use?

I may have missed a discussion on this in the past, but as I completely concur with the prevalent opinion expressed herein re: the infamous Microsoft ribbon, the option of Open Office is looking much more desirable. The only reason I hesitate is that I send and receive documents from other businesses using Gates' programs. Can Open Office and Microsoft operate concurrently and speak to each other without incident?

Also, I've already downloaded AddOnTools, but it appears that UbiMenu offers several better menu setups. Can I operate both at the same time, or need I remove AddOnTools first?