This To-Do List Manager is Top-Notch and Free


If you're the sort of person who buys self-help books aimed at busy people, you've almost certainly heard of David Allen.  He's the inventor of a concept called GTD, or Getting Things Done.  It's not so much a way of managing your to-do list, but more a way of life. 

Wieldy is a free to-do list manager, which its author claims is modelled on the GTD concept.  It runs under Windows XP and above, and provides a friendly, intuitive way to manage and prioritise all your tasks and thoughts, and keep track of contacts. It uses a Ribbon-like interface, and I actually think it looks a lot like Microsoft Outlook.

It's a tiny download, at 0.8 MB, and doesn't even need installing.  Just unzip, then double-click the Wieldy.Client file.   If you don't like it, just delete the folder and you're done.   You can get it from (the author's German but the software and web site are in English).

Handily, the program stores all its data (ie, all your thoughts, contacts and tasks) in an XML file rather than any proprietary database format.  So getting information into, or out of, the program is relatively simple.

Just make sure that you don't end up spending so long managing your tasks and thoughts that you don't actually have time to do any real actions or thinking!




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