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Active Hotkeys (Freeware from Donation Coder)

Ever tried to set a new hotkey only to find it isn't available because it's already been registered elsewhere? You try to think of another memorable combination, but that's no good either. And so on, until you get lucky. Or until you have a hotkey conflict...

If that story rings a bell, then a minimalist new freeware utility from DonationCoder called Active Hotkeys could help you out.

According to the developer, "...there have been requests for a program that displays what global keyboard shortcuts are registered by various applications. ActiveHotkeys does just that: it will show a list of all acgtive (registered) or inactive (available) global hotkeys. Remember that Windows does not allow for detecting which application has registered a particular shortcut, so that feaure is not included."

active hotkeys freeware from donation coder - screenshotIn other words, you can detect what hotkey combinations are already taken by 'something' and - by exclusion - which ones are still universally available. But you can't directly see which program's taken what. Quite useful none the less and intuitive to use.

And ActiveHotkeys does also let see what hotkey combinations are currently active at the time of running - Hint: to toggle active mode, right click on a readout item as in the screenshot on the right [click to enlarge].


The new release (v.1.0) is freeware and no installation is required: just download (0.5 Mb), unzip, place the .exe file in a folder of your choice, and run. Instructions are included in the readme file and the About tab.

For more information and download link [hint: look at the foot of the first post]: 

ActiveHotkeys is on the DonationCoder website here.


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As of 12/18/2017 still works on Windows 10 and DOES show the application to which shortcut keys are registered.

Doco for program V1.3.1 states that it does not work on 64-bit versions of Windows.