Cut the Best Part of Your MP3 And Save It As Your Ringtone for Android


Ringtone Maker

A ringtone maker is simply an audio cutter or editor that allows you to trim an audio file for use as a ringtone, alarm or notification sound on your mobile.

An early version of Android ringtone maker that is open source and known as Ringdroid developed by the Ringdroid Team from Google was well received by users but it seems no longer available from Google's Play store and the project has moved to GitHub.

If you like the above open source app Ringdroid, which does not contain ads, you may be able to get it from a third party store like APKPure.

Otherwise, look for other popular alternatives like Ringtone Maker by Big Bang Inc. It is easy to use with handy features, inclusive of assigning or re-assigning ringtones to your contacts. The Pro version is a paid-for app without no ads, while the free version contains ads that are so far not intrusive.

Ringtone MakerRingtone Maker




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I used Audacity to truncate mp3 tunes/songs and assigned them to my Android Phone e.g. for my wife 1 ringtone for voice and a different ringtone for Text. Very handy. Same principle but different tunes for other key people.
Unfortunately I have just been issued with an iPhone 7plus and it does not seem to offer the option above available on Android phones.