Create Your Own Printable Photo Calendar For Free!

Give the person who has everything something they don't have - your photos bound up in a calendar format they can use year round.

This site makes creating calendars painless and easy.
Upload your pictures, choose the month and size of the calendar.
Click the "Generate" button, and a calendar with your own photo will appear on your screen in printable PDF format.

Select 12 photos from your collection (one for each month), print them out, bind the pages, and you're done.

Free Printable Photo Calendar    Web Application


Signing off,


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by Kittylover on 13. November 2013 - 3:37  (112199)

this is fun and easy!4

by Luis Perez (not verified) on 20. December 2011 - 0:18  (85328)

If all you want is a plain old calendar right now I don't think there's anything faster than

by rhiannon on 20. December 2011 - 2:43  (85334)

@Luis Perez; That's a good site. It appeals to the minimalist in me. =)

by tony on 11. December 2008 - 20:40  (11778)

Not bad Rhiannon, this though is very simple and effective. There are others which I feel do a better and more creative job. Here are some others, maybe you can do a 'Best of Calendar freeware' for the sight and to share.

These three I have used many times, hope you find them useful as well as the above.


by Gustavo (not verified) on 13. January 2012 - 16:47  (87132)

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check them out.

by rhiannon on 24. December 2008 - 19:32  (12410)

There's bunches of free calendar creators, some web based and some are downloaded. I like the ones you've listed.
Love the freeware category idea, though the thought of wading through all those programs makes me tired. = )

by Bob on 12. December 2008 - 20:45  (11831)

'Best of Calendar freeware' : Nice idea!

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