Convert Audio Files To Text!


Bear File ConverterI'm always interested in file conversion services, and I've often written on these pages about how to convert between Word, PDF, Excel and so on. 

But here's something a little different, and very clever. It's fun too.

If you have an MP3 file of someone talking, perhaps as the result of an interview you recorded, check out and upload the file there. Within a minute or so, you'll be able to download your recording as a text file, ready to edit as you wish.

There are various paid-for services that offer a similar feature, and which can cope with longer recordings. But this one is free and is really rather neat. So grab your microphone or phone, fire up the voice recorder, then send the file to Bear File Converter to turn it into text.

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Just tried it on a very small (534KB) .mp3 file, but the resulting .txt file was not very accurate

I wonder if it can extract lyrics out of songs??

Maximum file upload can not exceed 3M.
So apparently no converting an audio book...too bad.