Computer Aids for the Visually Impaired

The blind and visually impaired face many challenges when using a computer. Thankfully there is a wide range of software and hardware devices available that can assist.

This list of visual aid resources was compiled by Robert (AKA "upamtn"). It consists of a mixture of free and commercial products. Feel free to post a comment below if you feel a particular  product warrants inclusion in this list.

Visual Aid Resources

Adaptive Computer Products

e-speak also free trial, then $14 for license - voice recognition software

Arizona Assisted Technology Exchange

Oklahoma Able Tech - Assistance Technolgy:

UCP State Guides:

Virtual Assistive Technology Center:


WA Low Cost or Free:

Michigan Site:,1607,7-154-28077_28313_33130-179596--,00....
– Awesome Stuff

ext Reader
Read Please (free) and not the Read Please Plus (trial)

Assistance Technology Exchange

Downloads here

TEXAS Center for the Physically Impaired - including FREE Computers for Visually Impaired Persons
in Dallas:  Tel: (214) 340 6328

free e-books:

free version that reads text to you, computer voice stuff ... the one on the top left of the page

OPEN SOURCE software, has eSpeak in it, plus more

iZoom - free trial, but $50 to buy

EasyRead is free but only works with HTML - internet pages

Desk Top Zoom, also freeware

Virtual Magnifying Glass - A free, open source, screen magnifier

Workers Collection Magnifying Glass screen magnifier

b-zone magnifier

spoken text – converter

thunder – free screenreader



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by chris.p on 12. September 2009 - 21:57  (32547)

Excellent list. Maybe we could do more here, for mobility impairment, web accessibility etc.


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