Coming Soon To Windows 10: Find My Device


Microsoft has released a major update to Windows 10.  Like the original version, the update will be free, although you'll need to be prepared for a download that could reach up to 3 GB.  
Everything should happen automatically over the next few weeks, as the new version is being rolled out gradually as part of the standard Windows update procedure.  So you'll just need to be patient in order to get what's known as version 1511.
Among the new features is Find My Device, which will show your computer's last location if it's lost or stolen, thus helping you retrieve your property (or remember where you left it).
Further details about the major new features in 1511 can be found at

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Have other users noticed how they run out of memory using Windows 10? This has now happened several times, and using System Explorer, my Memory Usage can reach 99%, same for my Swap Usage, and pretty high CPU usage. This causes my system to slow down to a crawl, even though I have 8 GB of RAM and an SSD drive. I even had this problem recently with only running Excel with 2 spreadsheets open and LiberKey open.

I NEVER had that problem with any previous versions of Windows prior to Windows 10. Most annoying, and, to the best of my knowledge, if I want to make Microsoft aware of this annoying problem, I have to pay them for it!

You don't have to pay to report a problem to Microsoft.

Memory usage of 99% combined with slowdown is usually caused by a problem driver with a memory leak.


@Yankiwi - Thanks for the eloquent expression of an opinion I share but in a much more concilliatory tone than the one I'd've used .

@redstick - I'm another of those who have the temerity to express my views which, of course, have no validity since they differ from yours. So, please forgive me but Microsoft is power-mad and being more and more disrespectful of its users . Witness the abortion of an OS called Windows 8 that MS foisted on us, despite the very loud hue and cry over its unweildliness even before it was finalized. They did what they wanted to anyway.

Now, Windows 10 : Windows 8 = Windows XP : Millennium but with added benefits of coyly named "telemetry" , "diagnostic", "click-to-run" and other invasive, intrusive, forced updates and services, many of which you have no say in using or not using once you choose their OS. You're okay with that?

This latest "Find my Device" nonsense is just that, nonsense. I have tried a few of these "location" applications, including @chantel's PREY and, anywhere but in a remote, sparsely populated area, they get you no closer to helping you find a lost or stolen device than would cupping your hands to your mouth and shouting: "Has anybody seen my...?" For example, in one test I tried in New York City, PREY and Google's Device Manager both located my device precisely seven blocks (approximately 1/3 mile) from where it actually was. They relied on the location of the nearest cell-phone tower to place my device. Microsoft will do no better but will have a method of keeping tabs on my movements. No thanks.

I have Prey, which will find my pc or laptop anywhere, and is a much smaller download.

Already got 1511, boast, boast. Upgrade from 8.1 to 10 took 1-1/2 hour, start to finish. No glitches at all. The results are nice, although I DID spend a few moments searching Control Panel for "Windows update." Kept just about all my installs (I did lose Speccy, but was able to put it on flash; and Bluetooth, which I never use). With Classic Shell retained, the appearance and performance is exactly the same. Nothing to fear.
The privacy issues are a non-starter as far as I am concerned. Who cares? Knock yourself out, MS.! You unshaven operatives huddled in that seedy basement with your earphones, you have my sympathy -- it is a terrible death to be bored to death.
Looking at other comments, I am wondering: do people actually register and sign in, just to let everybody know how much they're not buying in? Strange!

Well, my friend, if you're happy with W10, I sincerely wish you the best of luck with it. However, I have a question with regard to "The privacy issues are a non-starter as far as I am concerned. Who cares?" If "privacy issues are a non-starter" for you and you don't care about them, then are we to take it that you have no objection to posting your home address, phone numbers, date of birth, medical reports, love letters, Social Security Number (if in the U.S.), pay slips, and your list of passwords to your banking and other financial accounts? I'm not asking this to be contentious, but merely to suggest that it is quite likely that privacy issues are indeed a "starter" for you, as they are for many of us.

As to your "unshaven operatives in that seedy basement with .... earphones," that's a cute image, but a little out-of-date. Think high speed servers in a shiny new office building with software that can trawl through your personal data at lightning speed to look for whatever information MS decides it wants to take from your computer without your permission. Perhaps you're comfortable with that; many of us are not.

Why do people sign in "to let everybody know how much they're not buying in?" For the same reason that W10 enthusiasts sign in to "boast" about their latest installs: We all have our individual opinions and Gizmo's kindly offers us a place to express them. It's just that not everybody worships at the MS shrine and many of us - in my case after a 30+ year "marriage" to MS software - have finally gotten tired of the abuse and, now, the unconscionable invasion of personal privacy, so we're speaking out, and in some cases, filing for a divorce. Personally, I've already started dating Linux Mint and have found that I get treated much better and my privacy is respected, which is what I want - and deserve - from an operating system. I wish you well with yours.

And anybody who steals your laptop would not think of turning this feature off.

Too bad I'll never use Windows10. I'm done with MS. I plan to get one more Win7 Pro, and then go to some other OS.

This is just another attempt by Microsoft to bypass the individuals right to privacy. If they really wanted to include a useful feature it would have been named Find Someone To Do My Laundry.

although you'll need to be prepared for a download that could reach up to 3 GB.

No, Thanks.