Close All Open Programs With One Click


Close all open apps in Windows with this useful program.

Close All is a small but very useful utility that will close all open applications in Windows with a single click. It also lets you choose individual applications to close or leave open. Close All has two options when you run it, Close All and Terminate All.
The Close All button closes programs. If any programs have a prompt to "Save Changes" before closing, Close All should trigger the prompt so you can save any changes before the program closes. I don't know if that works on every program that has a "Save Changes" prompt, so saving any changes before you use Close All is a good idea.
The "Terminate All" button closes programs - if there's a prompt to "Save Changes" before closing on a program, it bypasses it and shuts all selected programs down and any new changes made in a program won't be saved. 

Close All

If you have a lot of windows open at one time, you know that closing all those apps one a time is tedious, whether you're using a keyboard shortcut or a mouse to close them all. Close All lets you choose whether to close all open windows or leave certain programs running, with one click.

After installation, Close All puts an icon (a big red X) on the desktop. You can leave it there, or pin it to the Taskbar by right clicking the desktop icon and selecting 'Pin to Taskbar'. Pinning it to the Taskbar leaves the program accessible all the time, instead of having to use a desktop icon or through a menu.

Close All runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (32-bit and 64-bit). It's a small download (153 KB) and is rated safe by VirusTotal.

Download Close All

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Could be very handy but the article needs to state whether you are prompted to save unsaved date/tabs or whatever on close, eg for Excel, text editors etc etc.

Without those prompts being available I would not use this....and I do see you can close programs individually but sorting through a list sorta defeats the purpose of the program IMHO

That's a very good point. I didn't include that information in the article because I don't know how it behaves with all or most programs that have save changes before closing prompts, and that information isn't listed on their site.
It prompts me to save changes in Microsoft Word, Notepad, and a couple of HTML editors and various other programs that I don't recall right now (I've been using Close All for some years) using the program's 'Close All' button.
The 'Terminate All' button doesn't prompt to save changes before closing open programs.
I would think that it would work in Microsoft Office programs, but since I don't use Excel often I couldn't say one way or the other, and I don't know if it works in all versions of Microsoft Office.

In other words, if I included that information in the article, and Close All closed a program without a prompt to save changes, and that program normally prompts to save changes before closing, I would be providing inaccurate information and someone could lose whatever data or project they were working on. That's not something I would want to happen.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I could say that your reply is pretty much what should have been in the article ie saying "beware, some progs are closed with prompts but it's up to the user to work out what is and is not being closed gracefully".

However, for me, the program is extremely useful. I have a buggy PC (hardware issue) and have to reboot every few days. This closes the 20 odd progs I have running at a click. I appear to get notices from all progs that prompt (an old Office 2001 Excel among them), although I do do some precautionary saving before I you, "not sure" LOL.

It may be my buggy PC but HD sentinel seems to resist closing.

Big thanks for this one. Been years since the last time I was introduced to a "tinkering" program that was so helpful.

Ah good point. I'll add it to the article when I'm at my computer. 
Thanks for the info on programs closing.
I've had trouble with Mailwasher Pro closing from time to time but that was with an older version of Close All.
I'm happy to hear you like the program. It's one of those useful little utilities that's been lurking in my "must install" toolbox for years. :)


I think I'm going to like this. Downloaded and installed without a hitch. Pinned it to the task bar, give it a right click and there is a pre-checked list of all the open programs. By the end of the day, this list gets pretty long. Should make shutting down a breeze, once again thank you Gizmo.

You're welcome. It's very handy. It's one of those things I've used for years and then one day it occurs to me that it would be a good idea to tell others about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯