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Back in 2013 when Google Reader was about to close its door and disappoint its users, our editor Rhiannon suggested 6 Free Google Reader Alternatives. Among them, you might have been using one or any other choice that suits your need now.

Along the way, things change and there are other great contenders coming up to give you more choices. One of them is Inoreader, which has been developed by Innologica Ltd since after they learned about Google Reader shutting down.

If you've not tried Inoreader, give it a second glance as its interface and features have evolved over the years to become one of the strong players. It is a clean, simple and yet powerful content reader designed to cater for news feeds and any web articles that you like to save for reading, minus unnecessary frills and hassles.

Inoreader is accessible online with a web browser. It has a Firefox addon or a Chrome extension known as Inoreader Companion that helps you preview, subscribe to feeds or save a webpage to Inoreader easily. If you’re coming from other feed readers, the Inoreader web version has a function to import your subscriptions from an OPML file.

In addition to the web version, Inoreader gives you a free and excellent mobile app running across multiple platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.




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I use Inoreader strictly. I tried them all, even desktop apps. Inoreader is the best feed reader to me at the moment. I just wish they would make a UWP app so I could use it without opening a browser.

I gave up on using Inoreader on Windows 10 Mobile. Sticking with Feedlab at least that shows the articles that I have already setup under my Google account . Inoreader allowed me to login apparently but it showed not one article from my Google account RRS feeds that Feedlab has no issues with.

I adopted The Old Reader after Google Reader evaporated. I've tried others, including InoReader, but The Old Reader just does the job simply and efficiently.

Inoreader is an excellent feed reader - I remember being so upset when Google Reader was discontinued, but Inoreader turned out to be even better. I prefer the layout to Feedly, although Feedly is a perfectly reasonable alternative.

Another +1 for Inoreader

Using it after Google Reader closed, tried many other RSS readers (online and desktop), and now I think Inoreader is much better than others (including Google Reader and Feedly).

The Firefox Inoreader Companion Add-on is the official Inoreader extension - Last Updated: July 8, 2016.

I'm happy to see Inoreader get some attention. When Google Reader shut down, I jumped to Feedly, but after growing increasingly unhappy with it, I found Inoreader last year and swtiched to it. It's fantastic!