Check All Your Software For Missing Updates


Sumo software updaterSumo stands for Software Update Monitor, and it's a really neat program which scans all the software on your PC and tells you whether you're missing any updates. It checks applications, screen savers, add-ons such as Flash, and more too. And it's free.

Just head to for the download, and select Sumo Lite. Run it, give it a moment to complete the scan, and then you'll see a list of all your missing updates. You can then decide which updates to install, and which ones you can manage without.

The program is a 2.4 MB download. The file is malware-free according to VirusTotal, and the download site is rated as reputable by Web of Trust.







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As a long time user of Secunia PSI, I have learned that Flexera will no longer be supporting it beyond April 20. SUMO looks like a possible replacement.
Many thanks!

Far too many false reports - says there is an update but when I go to a website or to the app none is available. And keeps reporting wrong version for Firefox

You can turn off the feature for reporting beta updates. That way you only get the stable update notifications where false-positives are less. 

I think that some people like me have to be aware of these programs and NOT just update. I have a few programs (actually more than a few) that are giveaways. These programs do not usually permit an upgrade or an update. To do so would violet the terms and you lose the program. At best, it downgrades to the free or trial version which shuts down after a few tries. SO ... everyone should be very careful about this if you have any giveaway programs or lose them.

Thanks but haven't been a recent fan of either of the Mos, esp. Su one. Perhaps better now but they were flaky installed and in the running. Just gave up. I let Wise or Glary check now & then. Otherwise I look at the most critical ones via the Filehippo newsletter @monthly. The better programs either warn you or self update. Granted some drivers may need a manual run like Nvidia (see new one just today) if don't opt for its alert system but few of those kind. Once have Intel ones in place there's not much needed that Win 10 x64 Pro won't push. jmho

One of my favorite tools on Windows that I cannot live without, since there is no good alternative to it, not even close. 

I have used this program on My Windows 10 Dell XPS since before there was a Windows 10 (Windows 7).
I just wish there was an equivalent program for my MacBook Air!

Great utility that I have used for a couple of years.
I also use DUMo.

I agree with crosseyedlemon's comments. I also have used Sumo for a few years. It does give false positives from time to time, and it can also try to install PUP software. I use Sumo as my initial filter. Then, for apps that I want to update, I open up the app itself and let IT tell me if there is an update available. (Not all apps do this.) I figure the developers of the app know what ought to be updated better than Sumo does. Finally, I go to the website of the app itself and download the update from there. Sumo sometimes lists an update that doesn't apply to your OS. Sumo is a useful tool, but exercise caution.

I tend to follow the same approach as you Gil. I should have also mentioned that SUMO can be hit or miss with portable software apps. It keeps me advised on Irfanview for example but not Audacity and a few others I have.

I've been using SUMO for a couple of years I guess and it's useful but could be better. You will get false positives from time to time. It generally only offers a couple of download sites where the updates can be obtained. Major Geeks seems to be the most reliable of these. Depending on what anti-virus your using you make get an alert that the SUMO software updates themselves have bundled extras. I use a nifty program called Unchecky to deal with applications that try to sneak something extra into the download.