An excellent calculator with some spreadsheet and notepad features.


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License: Free (Ads)

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Text-based and editable; instant results with multi-line support; basic and advanced functions; customizable keypads; save, backup and restore files.
Contains ads in the free version.

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CalcNote is a notepad calculator that reads and calculates numbers mixed with inline text. It also works like a spreadsheet with support for multi-line calculations and line references.

The user interface consists of an editor area, results area, total area, and a customizable multi-functional keypad.

All numbers and text in the editor area are editable so that you do not need to type them all over again for re-calculations, saving your precious time that would have been spent with an ordinary calculator.

All calculations are generated by CalcNote in real time. They can be saved into or retrieved from a file, copied to the clipboard and shared with others via a third party app on your mobile.

CalcNote is equipped with a calculation engine that allows for regular mathematical operations, modulo operations, variables, power, factorial, permutations, combinations, trigonometric functions, etc., with hexadecimal, octal and binary supports. It also has an optional unit converter and currency converter built-in.

An online manual of CalcNote is provided by the developer here.

The free version of this app is supported by ads while its pro version is a paid-for product with no ads.


Use This Calculator That Works Like a Spreadsheet and a Notepad

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