A fully-featured email app supporting multiple providers across multiple desktop and mobile platforms.


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Support desktop and mobile platforms, easy setup for various email accounts, unified user interface, filtering emails for people and services, group mail, share email, secure OAuth2 authorization, etc.
No native support for web-mail clients such as GMail or Outlook.

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BlueMail offered by Blix Inc. is a free universal email app available across multiple platforms, supporting multiple providers including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, AOL, iCloud and more. Adding a new email account to BlueMail is a snap with automatic setting and configuration for your IMAP, POP3 and Exchange (ActiveSync, EWS, Office 365) accounts.

With BlueMail, you can sync multiple inboxes from several providers in a unified interface, with enhanced features that you may find them missing in other email clients.

The "People" toggle in the upper right-hand corner of the mailing list is a quick way to filter your mail list by people. When toggled on, BlueMail shows only emails from People or Groups, and automated emails from machines, such as services and newsletters, are hidden from the mail list.

BlueMail also has a Cluster option to organize your inbox by conjoining emails from the same senders together. The level of clustering can be set so that only emails related to services and newsletters are clustered, or all emails are clustered.

The feature of Share Email allows you to share an email easily through social networks or messaging apps, without revealing the real email addresses of people who email you.

Other features found in BlueMail include group mail, calendar, notifications, spam management, optional themes, rich text signature, backup and sync, configurable menus, etc.

According to BlueMail, it uses the secure OAuth2 authorization protocol wherever possible to access your account with a token only, without ever having to enter your password. However, if you have recently changed your account's password on a provider’s side, you'll need to update the password for this account on BlueMail to match the provider.

To protect your emails from unauthorized usage, BlueMail offers a secure Lock Screen feature with passcode or fingerprint security.


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