Big List of Every Browser Bookmark Manager


Every Bookmark Manager Ever Made

If you have many bookmarks in your browser organizing them can be a challenge. The perfect bookmark manager for you may not exist, but you might find one that works for you on this list.

This list of every bookmark organizer ever made is a great resource for anyone looking for a way to manage browser bookmarks. The list is a mix of free and paid bookmark managers (whether an organizer is free or paid is not in the description).
The managers are sorted into categories according to function with a brief description of each:

  • Visual-based
  • List-based
  • Start pages
  • Search-based
  • Tag based
  • Tab management
  • Read it later
  • Image bookmarking
  • Privacy focused
  • Sync-based
  • Offline downloadable solutions
  • Other

There are no links to navigate directly to the bookmark categories, scroll down to see the list. The list creator developed a bookmark manager, it’s the first one on the list and is a paid service.

If you’re looking for a way (or a better way) to organize your bookmarks, this list might have exactly what you’re looking for (free or paid).

Visit Every bookmark manager ever made

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That is a huge list. Including some that no longer exist. I'm still looking for one I like HALF as well as XMarks ! Now if only they had a listing of popularity and rating.

It's a big list, and a ton of work went into it. I'd like to see which are free and the ones that are paid, but totally understand why there's minimal descriptions.

I like that one, thank you.

Biggest List and not Big List, Rhiannon.

Point taken. :)
I used big because I don't know if it's the biggest list. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Then leave it as is and remove Ever Made.

Picky, picky. Really, Panzer?? Personally, I'm thrilled to have this. Having spent way too many hours searching for just the "right" bookmark manager for my needs (desires?), I now have a much richer group from which to choose. Thank you, Rhiannon!

I'm delighted you like the list. :)

I make mistakes in more than one area (rolls eyes). I'm glad when someone points it out and happy to make corrections.
I take no offense if someone points out something that needs to be corrected.
I changed the title because it's viewed by many people, if there's something off others will see it as well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯