Behold The Privacy Badger!


Privacy Badger browser extension windowThe Privacy Badger ( is a new, free browser extension that aims to make your web surfing experience faster and safer. It is available for both Chrome and Firefox, and allows you to control the way that websites use trackers, cookies and other techniques to gather personal data about you and your internet usage.

This helps to reduce your overall bandwidth usage, as well as improving your online privacy. It should hopefully also reduce the number of ads you see which are spookily relevant to information you've been browsing recently.

Around 250,000 people have already started using the Badger since it was released in alpha test form by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The software is now officially at version 1.0 and ready for everyone to try.




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How does Privacy Badger compare to, or work with, UBlock?

I have just installed uBlock Origin instead of AdBlock Plus. So far Firefox seems a bit faster. (uBlock Origin claims to use less resources than ABP). uBlock Origin seems to block everything that AdBlock Plus did and uses the same filters. I don't think Badger blocks as much as the more aggressive addons, but that may be an advantage for less experienced users who might panic if a website behaves strangely. I think I'll run with uBlock Origin and Ghostery for a while.

Hearing about badger here I figure it may be worth looking into. But it's site seems second rate for such basic design, as every time I click on one of the FAQ's, instead of loading down the page it loads "up" the page and I have to scroll down to get to the the text. Not a very promising first impression. I have to figure it's not me as the problem occurs with my IE11, FF 39 and K-Meleon 74. Very rarely do see this problem with other sites with all or any of these three browsers.

One of the problems of getting relatives and friends to make their online existence more bearable and less expensive is the innate hesitation so many of 'em have towards anything to do with blocking / filtering / screening / monitoring etc. It's all a bit, well. . . Technical. High praise, then, to The Electronic Frontier Foundation which has obviously worked so very, very hard to legislate for techno-fear by presenting Badger in such a way that it will immediately enamour itself to the user. Thanks to both Rob and Vic for the heads-up. Badger is now installed in my FF browser. Not only is the Badger FAQ a model of simple, friendly, effective communication, so, too, is the walk-through on which new users are invited after installing. Superb.

As I understand it, Badger is intended to block 'non-consensual' trackers and adverts only. If you want to block ALL trackers and ads then you should stay with ABP and Ghostery and customise the filters to your preferences.

I like that the Badger site offers a FAQ. I'm currently using ABP and Ghostery which it mentions in it's FAQ. I usually shy away from version 1.0 of anything but I will keep an eye on this to see how things develop with future iterations.