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Back up all your Gmail to your Windows PC for free.

There are several reasons why having a copy of your Gmail on your PC is a good idea. If there's a Gmail outage, your account gets taken over, or you get locked out of your account it's good to have a current copy of all your email (up to 3 GB on the free plan). UpSafe Gmail Backup is a lightweight program that will download a copy of your Gmail.

Install the program and run it, enter your Gmail credentials, grant permission for the program to access the data that's listed, and select the Start backup button.

UpSafe will back up all your email, headers and attachments to one file or you can back up using the options Sent Date, From contains, To contains, Subject contains and Folders.

A copy of your Gmail account including headers and attachments is downloaded to your device and can be viewed from the main menu by choosing "View mail backup".

The free plan allows for up to 5GB of data with the length of time to download depending on how much email and attachments are in your account.

UpSafe can restore single items or the whole mailbox to your original Gmail account, or restore your data to another account, which is a great feature if you need to move your mail to a different address.

Backups are incremental so only new content is added to the current back up. Credentials go to Google and your email and attachments go to your PC. As far as I can tell UpSafe doesn't access your information. Another useful feature is the option for UpSafe to automatically log you out of Gmail when the application is closed. If you're security conscious that's one thing that can be automated.

If you choose to register your account UpSafe keeps a history of your back ups and allows you to schedule automatic back ups. Back ups can be run on demand and you can choose to have the back up run whether you're logged in or not.

The archiving option will download your Gmail, delete all the email in the account and store it locally on your PC. You can then store it on a USB flash drive, other hard drive, CD/DVD etc. If you need to store your email but want to free up some space on your account this is one way to do it.

UpSafe has a simple interface that makes downloading a copy of your Gmail easy along with several options that can be configured. A registered account allows even more options. The one thing it doesn't seem to do is back up your contacts. They can be exported by clicking the apps icon in the upper right (the nine dots menu) and choosing Contacts. It should open a page listing your contacts. The Export button to the left will start the process. Contacts can be exported as Google CSV, Outlook CSV or vcard formats.

UpSafe is clean according to VirusTotal and runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

UpSafe Free Gmail Backup

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I've been using the Upsafe Gmail Backup Software on my home PC to backup my Gmail and this worked well until recently. I had problems with this software backing up my gmail account. So I logged off from the Upsafe software and reinstalled. When I restarted the app and selected, "Sign in with Google" and I enter my account details, I get the following message from Google via the Upsafe app - "This browser or app may not be secure. Learn more. Try using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign in." Has anyone else experienced this problem and identified a solution? Thanks in advance. Steve

I would contact Upsafe, I can't find anything definitive right now about the issue. They have chat and a support page on their site.

I'm assuming you've enabled the allow less secure apps setting in your google account.

I received a notification from Google yesterday that they would no longer allow Upsafe to access my Gmail.

Mailstore Home

Mailstore is a great program, it's been featured on the site - it's quite popular. :)

Thanks for this..a very handy tool to have. One thing says here up to 5 GB on the free plan, but on their site, it says you only get 3 GB..thought it worth mentioning.

I'm glad you like it, I like to keep data locally on more than one media.

Thanks for the heads up, I got the 5 GB somewhere on their site and didn't see the different number right in front of my face. It's been one of those weeks.

Thanks for this, I've been looking for a tool that does this. And BTW I had no problem with 3 or 5 GB: I downloaded 10 GB of emails with no problems (except the time it took!).

You're welcome, and thanks for the heads up on larger data download. :)