Automatic Notification If A Website Changes Its Privacy Policy


Every major website has a privacy policy which sets out what they do, and don't do, with the data you provide.  And with information about your visits to the site.  As technology, and the needs of the business, progress, privacy policies get updated.  So information that was previously private may not be so private any longer.  Trouble is, not all websites inform their users when their privacy policy changes and, even if they do, you may not notice.

Paranoid Paul is a web site run by a guy called Paul who is, by his own admission, paranoid about privacy policies.  His site automatically monitors the privacy policies of scores of sites, and will alert you whenever any updates are detected on the sites that you choose to receive notifications about.

The service is free, and is a great way to ensure that your privacy isn't being invaded without your knowledge.

Sign up at and start protecting your online information.  My thanks for this great find go to regular contributor Panzer.



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