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To save your phone’s battery life or reduce a battery drain, it helps by switching off Wifi when it is not in use, and switching it on again when it is in need.

Repeating such routine or any other tasks, however, can become a burden if they are to be carried out manually on your mobile device. Why not use such tools as schedulers or automated taskers that can do them for you without a miss?

At Google’s Play store, there are a few capable automated taskers available but MacroDroid stands out for its ease of use and clean user interface.

MacroDroid lets you set an automated task conveniently by picking items from a list of 70 over triggers and more than 100 actions, with optional constraints, or simply choose one from existing macros shared by others.

Moreover, it has a wizard that guides you step by step through configuration of your automated tasks. Give it a spin and see if this production tool works for you to save your precious time.





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