AndroXplorer File Manager


AndroXplorer File Manager

A pretty neat file manager with simple navigation to manage your files, apps, storage and device.


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Get It: Android
License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free File Manager for Android
Categories: Disk & File, File Manager

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This app has a wealth of file management tools all bundled in a well designed app that is a must for anyone who require a tool that can perform as well as it looks.
The cut, copy, paste functions etc, while all work brilliantly, are not designed for someone with big fingers so you may want to use a stylus.

Our Review:

AndroXplorer File Manager, when opened, gives you a visual display not unlike an open source operating system. It utilises the Android logo to its full advantage by showing that cheeky chappie (or chapess) in a variety of poses which gives each thumbnail a quazi-professional look. And not to be phased by these thumbnails, it gives you a description under each.

Navigation is simplicity itself using the thumbnails and you are quickly sped to your destination with a single tap. At the top of each screen visited is the title, a search option and an icon that looks like a back button, or it could be an enter/go option (I'm not overly sure though more play time may give me an answer). When you have gone to the page you want, by tapping once on the title bar brings a drop-down menu that gives you a whole host of options (depending on the page you're on) including a Home icon. Useful as I still can't get that funny backish looking button to work! (Of course using the back option on your device works too.) To the right of the title bar is Name (as default). Tapping on it means you can sort your files by name, date etc.

AndroXplorer presents to me things I need to know about my device and storage. It can give you a breakdown of your Memory Info and has an option to Backup and Restore. There is a Recycle bin, which I can only assume works similarly to the recycle bin on your desktop, My Programs which shows you your programs, and Shortcuts (though I don't know why) plus a few others.

Up until a few moments ago the only thing I couldn't find was how the hell you copy, paste, or delete something!! But now I know. When you go to your memory card for example, it shows you a thumbnailed display of your folders. The usual tapping on them will bring up the contents.

But back to the folders. If you hold your finger over a folder, a dinky menu appears at the bottom of the screen that includes our favourites, cut, copy, paste, delete etc. Now when I say "dinky" I really mean "dinky". I've got large fingers and I have already tapped the wrong icons because they are so small. A stylus at this point might be the better option. But the same principle of holding works on files too and the menu will appear for them as well. And deleting will put the deleted item into the Recycle bin (it will ask you to confirm deleting a file or folder before recycling it).

So, overall a pretty neat tool but once again, on a tablet or large Android phone it will be fine (though you may need a stylus at times), whereas I can see it might be a pain in the proverbial on a small screen device. Definitely an app to keep in your device toolbox. And one more thing, there is also a thumbnail for a Pro version but I will leave you to explore that option.

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