Alto's Odyssey


Alto's Odyssey

An endless journey game with gorgeous and scenic design.


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License: Free (Ads)

Pros & Cons:

Easy to learn and play with challenging levels, high quality design.
Supported with ads, not free for the iOS platform.

Our Review:

Alto's Odyssey is an endless journey game that is easy to learn but hard to master.

It sets you to a sandboarding challenge through a very scenic desert. Along the way, you will grind across vines, bounce atop hot air balloons, ride rock walls and escape obstacles while collecting coins and earning scores.

When first running the game, you will have a tutorial to guide you through despite its simple gameplay. Tap to jump over rocks and cliffs, or tap and hold to backflip along the journey to collect coins and achieve goals to complete a level. The coins can be exchanged for useful items that add to your power.

In each level, it sets goals such as to land a wallride, perform a wall jump, etc., for you to achieve and gain scores. The more you land at higher levels, the faster you go with more challenging obstacles ahead.

With support for multiple languages, this game comes in with six unique characters for you to play, each with their own attributes and abilities. Starting out with Alto, you will need to achieve higher levels to unlock more characters, or unlock them instantly with purchases.

At any time, you can pause or resume a game, and check statistics on top of the menu for meters travelled, best distance, best trick or combo, best total score and other achievements in a level.

The game is free to play, supported with ads and in-app purchases on Android mobile devices. Unfortunately it is still not free and will set you back a few bucks to download this game on the iPhone or iPad.


Enjoy an Endless Sandboarding Journey Through a Scenic Desert

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