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A2DP Volume

A2DP Volume - Preset your Bluetooth Volume and More


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Get It: Android
License: Free (Open source)

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Set and forget, Handy GPS car locator Widget, Detailed online manual

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A2DP Volume is an app that uses profiles you set up for various Bluetooth and other devices you connect to your phone or tablet. These can be things such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and your car's built-in or added Bluetooth sound system. In each profile, you choose the desired volume you want to be set when that device connects. Other very handy actions can be set to happen when you connect and disconnect via Bluetooth.
There are a few notes about Bluetooth devices and this app. Firstly, your phone or tablet needs to be already paired with the other device. This app won't do that for you. Secondly, if the app doesn't work with a Bluetooth device, whether it be a pair of headphones, your sound system or your car Bluetooth setup, then check the specs of those to see if they support A2DP. It's a common mistake to blame the app when, in fact, the device it's talking to isn't capable of performing what's asked of it. If your BT device is recent, then it's likely to work.
There are several handy features when you Bluetooth connect to your car or car sound system. It can be set to turn off Wi-Fi when the connection to the car is made. You can also specify an app you want to run as soon as the Bluetooth connects, and stop the chosen app on disconnects. This may be something like Pandora or other music streaming service, or even your favorite Podcasts. When you leave your car and Bluetooth disconnects, the Wi-Fi will be restored as it was before. The app can even read your SMS Text Messages over your Bluetooth.
You can have selected notification read to you via Text to Speech while you are Bluetooth connected. You can pick which apps are allowed to have their notifications read. This is in the A2DP menu under Accessibility.
It's sometimes tricky to set up the voice notification feature and a few of the other options need some explaining to get the best out of them. So, it's a good idea to read the app Play Store description at least. There's a proper manual at this site. https://github.com/jroal/a2dpvolume/wiki/Manual or you can simply use the in-app Help.
As a bonus, you can have the app save the GPS location for you automatically. When your phone disconnects from the car Bluetooth, the GPS position is saved. A2DP has a useful home screen widget you can tap at any time to bring up a map of where you left your car, kind of a bonus built-in 'Find my Car with no effort involved.
It's not only Bluetooth devices that can have the same preset features. They are available for other things like a set of wired earphones. No more plugging in and fiddling with the volume. You can also have things happen when you plug in your phone to charge. If you want a certain app to run when you plug in the power, you can do that. This works very well and has my mind ticking over wondering what my phone can do for me while it's charging.
A2DP Volume is free with no ads. It runs on Android version 4.03 and above. According to VirusTotal for Android, the app is clean and free from malware.
What I like the best about A2DP Volume is it's set and forget, and not having to mess around setting music volumes all the time. The car features are useful and safe, and the app works nicely on phones and tablets.


A2DP Volume - Preset your Bluetooth Volume and More

A2DP Volume was reviewed by on based on version 2.11.13.