25 Free Mouse Cursor Themes You Can Use


Mouse cursor themesIf you like to personalize the Windows interface and jazz things up a little, try one of these cursor packs.

Check out one of these 25 free mouse cursor packs for Windows to add new color and shape to your desktop system.

Mouse cursors can add some pizzazz to your desktop, improve visibility or add animation. They aren't hard to change and you can easily revert to your previous configuration. There are many places to download cursor themes, but this article has rounded up a good selection of cursor themes to choose from, both static and animated. Choose from a wide variety of cursor sets, including themed sets featuring Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and Hello Kitty to the more sedate Android, Metro style, MacOS, and Rainbow styled cursors.

Installing a mouse cursor scheme isn't hard, you can find directions for installing cursor theme packs, cursor schemes and how to install individual cursors here: How to install new mouse pointers

You can see the whole range of hand picked cursors in this article:

Top 25 best mouse cursor schemes for Windows

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I know it is an old thread, but the five that came up positive were NOT positives from unknown virus engines. They came up on some of the mainstream virus engines. I usually disregard positives from the lesser known scanner engines. I have had to clean the computers for a company that I worked for due to ransomware. That was not fun and it was VERY time consuming. I do not wish to do it on my personal computer. Thank God that I had a daily backup available that I had set up for the company that were out of reach from the ransomware. Although I was making my living as a mechanic, I did take care of the computers for them.

Thank you for the information. Please provide a link to the VirusTotal scan result for the file you downloaded. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks a lot. Very jazzy looks. RUN AS ADMIN the main .exe file once it's extracted from d/l else the popup of temp files will fail saying can't find location. Using ADMIN method puts in the location that Windows OS uses for cursors & the mouse app will auto pop open & use browse to fetch the Crystal folder (or your selected choices of d/l) & select cursor (s) as wish.
Getting couple others. Appreciate the see-through & animated ones. Malwarebytes & Windows Defender haven't barfed. Lot of user comments at the site and they seem Ok, just asking for help mainly. If any virus activity it should have been mentioned several times. yrmv

Thanks, that's what I ran into when I went to install them and was going to run the file as ADMIN next and post results here. Now I don't have to. :)

I downloaded the "Chrome Glass" set. The file was a rar archive. I uncompressed the file with 7zip. The file uncompressed to ChromeGlass.exe. I ran ChromeGlass.exe through virus total and it came up with 5 positive hits. I will NOT be installing any of these.

It's good to check files before installing them.
The cursor sets are hosted in several different places. Not all are .exe files. Usually they are an .inf files with the cursors, that's what you see when the file is unzipped, so I wouldn't discount all the cursor sets for that reason.
If you are interested in the cursor set, this looks like the same one, with no .exe file:
Transparent Chrome Glass Set Cursor

I usually test files at more than one site like VirusTotal and run it through the malware program on my system. There's a set of cursors that I've been using for over ten years. The file that's on the site now and the file I downloaded years ago are the same. VirusTotal throws up two flags on the file. I wrote those cursors up in an article here, and many people downloaded them and used them. I know there's no malware in that program.
If I wanted to write up those cursors today, I couldn't do it, because VirusTotal threw up two false positives, and we here at Gizmo's Freeware don't post anything that VirusTotal tags as possibly containing malware. VirusTotal throws false positives at times. I would guess the same is true for similar sites. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

They are not 'positive hits' but generic (see your antivirus user guide for an explanation of this classification type), and all from obscure sources. Because none of the established security labs flag this, it is safe to assume the file is non malicious but everyone is free to choose otherwise if they so wish. MC - Site Manager.

Exactly. :)