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How to Get More Google Search Results per Page

Google Search

If getting 10 search results back in Google Search is too small, here's how to increase the amount of results Google Search will return.

By default, all search terms you type into Google Search return 10 results. If you'd like to see more, you can change how many search results appear.

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How To Stop Desktop Icons from Rearranging in Windows


Tidy up desktop icons and prevent them from being rearranged with this Windows program.

If your Windows desktop icons get rearranged without you doing anything or making any changes or someone else moves them around, this small utility keeps them in place.

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Easily Download YouTube Videos With This Free Program for Windows

Free YouTube Video Downloader

This free program lets you download YouTube videos in a few clicks.

Downloading video and audio from YouTube couldn't be easier - copy and paste the URL of a YouTube video, choose the format, and click Download.

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Wallpaper of the Week: Serene Pool with Grassy Banks

This weeks wallpaper is a calm, gently winding pool of water with grass covered banks. Two rounded hills gently frame the waterway. The wallpaper is one of the backgrounds from the recent launch of the latest Surface laptop computers. There's not a lot of color contrast in this wallpaper, muted hues of tan, gray and blue form the palette. Icons show up well in most areas of the background.

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How to add Boot to Advanced Startup Options to the Windows 10 Context Menu

Windows Advanced Options

Here's how to add the Advanced Startup Option to the Windows context menu for easy access.

The Advanced Startup Option menu offers several ways to troubleshoot, recover and repair Windows problems.
If you need to boot into Safe Mode, use System Restore, repair Windows 10, reset or refresh Windows, change Windows start up behavior, access the BIOS, or restore from a backup file, you have to access the Advanced Startup Options menu.

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Go Straight to a Recipe With This Add-on for Firefox and Chrome

Recipe Filter add-on

Skip scrolling for recipes on sites that add them to the end of the page with this add-on/extension.

If you search for recipes, you've probably come across sites that make you scroll through endless screens of photos, text, and other content until you get to the end, where the recipe is located. It can be tedious if all you want is a recipe.

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Wallpaper of the Week: Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona

This weeks wallpaper is a photo of a slot canyon in Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona. Slot canyons are formed by water flowing through rock. They can be quite deep and are narrower at the top and wider at the bottom. These slot canyons in this area were formed by the erosion of water on Navajo sandstone. What remains are water smoothed flows and curves, often forming extraordinary shapes and colors carved out of the sandstone by water. This background has the soft colors found in these slot canyons.

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How to Customize the Windows Command Prompt

Command prompt customization

Want to change the font, text color, background color or screen size on the Windows Command Prompt? There's an easy way to do it, here's how.

The Command Prompt's white text on black background has been around since DOS was the norm, before the graphic user interface made its debut. If you'd like different colors or wish it was easier to read, follow these directions to change how it looks.

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Find Out If A Site Supports Two-factor Authentication (2FA) Using This Site

Two-factor authorization

Find out if a site supports two-factor authentication (2FA) using this site.

Two-factor authentication is being used more often across all devices and platforms. Instead of hunting down whether a certain site supports two-factor authentication (2FA), check this site first.

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