Best PC Support Resource Sites


These sites provide quality resources and services for tech support professionals and advanced users.

Tom's Hardware Guide
Everything you need to know about motherboards, processors, video cards, storage devices and much more.  News, columns and message boards, plus Tom's legendary hardware guides. Resource sites don't get much better than this and it's all free.

Hardware Advice
This site is an excellent resource for anyone looking to buy new hardware as well as those who want to get the best from what they already own. There are many product reviews and some of the most active user forums on the web. While at the site, check out the useful weekly newsletter. Help for Systems Managers
This site provides hints, tips and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), relating to Systems Management technologies such as Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), Operations Manager (MOM), Software Update Services (SUS), Windows, IBM Tivoli, amongst others.

Technical Help Online is a great resource for tech support staff, with answers to thousands of questions available online.

Help Desk Resources
A database of help desk products, publications and resources.

CPU Database
This site has a great deal of information about CPUs - worth reading if you want to know whether it's worth upgrading certain users' motherboards.

Great Free Support Site
I've mentioned this great site before but after using their services last week, I was again impressed with the service. They quickly solved an annoying problem that had been bugging me for weeks.

WPA vs. WPA2
Confused about all the Wi-Fi security standards? Join the crew. This article documents the varying standards but be warned, it's not simple. What a mess.

Great Set of Programming Resources
As the web site says, "Free Programming Resources is a directory of links to free programmer resources including free programming tutorials, free online programming books, free compilers, free programming tools, free source code, programming libraries, game programming resources, graphics resources and security tools."

Top Hardware Site
Excellent collection of hardware articles, guides, and reviews all neatly organized into categories ranging from motherboards through to cases and cooling. The forums are very active with knowledgeable moderators and are quite friendly to newbies.


Guide to Building an Unattended XP Install CD
This site offers a clear how-to guide with separate instructions for beginners, intermediates and advanced users. When completed you'll have an unattended Windows XP install CD that includes SP2 and all subsequent hot fixes.


How to Reinstall Windows Without Losing Your Data
Worth bookmarking; one day you may need it. Better still, print a hard copy. ;>)

How to Run Firefox from a USB Flash Drive
Portable Firefox is a special version of Firefox that allows it to run from your flash drive.  It's based on the latest V1.06 release and supports Firefox extensions as well.

Free Online Courses Offer High Quality
Check out Hewlett Packard’s on-line university. There are a wide variety of courses available and they are all free. They’re not certified but the quality is excellent.

50 Free Support Guides
Daniel Petri runs an excellent site for MCSE aspirants, but it includes a lot of material of more general interest, too. This page features Daniel's 50 most popular guides. Bookmark the one on re-installing TCP/IP. It's the best I've seen and one day just may save your bacon.

Linux Made Easy
Getting into Linux for the first time? Then check out the Linux Documentation Project site. It's a gold mine of advice and tips.

Find that File Easily
Looking for a particular file? Try searching at FileWatcher where they claim they index over 300 million files on FTP and E-Donkey. If you still can't find what you want, try the FTP search over at AllTheWeb.

Excellent HTML Resource Site
An enormous repository of HTML resources: scripts, tutorials, tips and more. All free.

File Format Secrets Unlocked
Wotsit's Format started out with the intention of documenting in detail the many different file formats in use. These days, it has expanded to include code snippits, scripts, utilities and other resources needed to read/write specialized file formats. Check out the section on MS Word DOC format.

Free ASP Tutorials
This site offers a comprehensive suite of free ASP tutorials, many useful scripts, plus lots of links to other ASP resources.

How to Expose Conflicts of Interest
Here's something simple but valuable - a sample conflict of interest disclosure form. Use it as a template for deigning your own. That way you'll be well armed next time you deal with consultants and 3rd party suppliers.

Free Training Videos
Thanks to subscriber Cliff Krahenbill for suggesting this site that offers a selection of a dozen or so free training AVI's covering Cisco setup as well as Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP topics. The aim of the site is to sell you more training but there's nothing stopping you from just collecting the freebies.

Get Shareware as Freeware
Great freeware products often end up as shareware. This site offers downloads of the final freeware versions of many such products. Their list of products is not complete but it's still quite extensive. They also feature some great freeware utilities, like The Proxomitron, that are no longer available from their authors.

Free System Tools
This site offers an excellent collection of free command line tools of use to sysadmins and other tech heads. The two I tried worked a treat.

Solve Windows File and Printer Sharing Problems
Suffering from invisible network printers? Only able to access data one-way between PC's? Get solutions to these and other common Windows 2000/XP file and printer sharing problems here:

DVD Compatibility Table
Not all recordable DVDs can be played on all DVDs players. Find out what can and what can't from this web site. While there, check out the impressive amount of other recordable DVD information.

Sounds for Linux
If you're using Linux, you are familiar with the various issues involved in playing MP3 or using MIDI. This site provides lots of useful information about Linux audio software, drivers, sound cards and more.

Mother of all Motherboard Sites
Everything you ever wanted to know about motherboards including reviews, how-to guides and a good assortment of free tools.

Free Wi-Fi Access Points
This site lists free access points in the USA and Canada.

Free File Format Conversion
This site provides free online conversion of your document and data files to many different formats including PDF, DOC, RTF, HTML and many more. There is also a huge range of media file conversions available as well. Simple, effective, free.

What TCP Ports Do
Many of the 65535 TCP ports on your PC are for general purpose use while others are used by specific protocols and applications, legit and otherwise. At Steve Gibson's site you can query the usage of any port number and also test whether that specific port is open on your PC.

Find New Tech Sites
I feel I must recommend StumbleUpon. For the Techie it is a must. Open Source, Windows, its all there, All dependent on the Preferences you enter on joining. The site is excellent, and never ceases to amaze me with what pops up next. Its more than worth a look in my humble opinion  - contributed by scribo


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I successfully made a
bootable USB ,The OS on my
system (Win Vista) got
corrupt and my DVD drive is
also not working.
I changed the boot settings
and was successfully able
to boot it from the USB
drive. The Windows
installation started but when
it asked for the target drive
it is not showing my hard
disk partition(which was was disk 0 local disk c). Although I
can see the hard drive in the
BIOS setup. When I'm installing the operating system and they ask me to select a disk where I
want to install but I'm not seeing my harddisk listed please help me