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Yes, your link was the same as I used. When I click it I get this message that I have to accept.

"End User License Agreement & Privacy Policy

Use of this software is subject to the Sophos End User License Agreement (EULA). You must accept the EULA to continue, so please read it carefully. You also acknowledge that Sophos processes personal data in accordance with the Sophos Privacy Policy.

These commodities, technology, or software were exported from the United States in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited. These products are subject to U.S. law even after they are exported from the U.S. Any party handling these goods (including non-U.S. individuals and entities) is subject to U.S. law and may not re-export or otherwise transfer these items to prohibited countries, individuals, companies, governments, or other entities. Violators may be subject to penalties including fines and the denial of permissions to export and re-export U.S. origin products. The export control laws and regulations of other countries may apply in addition to those of the United States.

These goods may not be exported, in their entirety or in part, for use in connection with the development, production, handling, operation, maintenance, storage, detection, identification or dissemination of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, or other nuclear explosive devices, or the development, production, maintenance or storage of missiles capable of delivering such weapons.

If these goods are delivered to a country within the European Union, please be advised in accordance with article 22 (10) of the EC Regulation 428/2009, that these goods are subject to controls. If they are to be exported out of the European Union the exporter must acquire the relevant export licenses.

Certain Sophos products may not be exported for use by government end-users in specific countries and/or for use for military purposes. For more information regarding the export of Sophos products, please see: or contact your Sophos representative."

After accepting I have to fill in a form with these details. But it wont accept the state/province, it just resets to 0 and I can't get the download.

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Job role
Zip code/Postcode
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