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Originally Posted by joeguru View Post
That's cool. I also appreciated the reference to Wilder's. Didn't know it existed. Good resource.
Wilders is an excellent resource but the information does require a degree of filtering. There is a lot of promotional stuff on there from developers and those associated with developers which is heavily biased. There are also legions of fanboys supporting various products. Wilders has helped to regulate this by banning this v that threads and the publication of home produced malware tests. Nevertheless, it is easy for folks to gain the impression that many of those posting there are "experts" whereas they are not. There are plenty of posts for instance insisting that a firewall cannot be "any good" unless it achieves full stealth with the GRC Shields Up! test.

Overall though pretty much all you need to know about most things security related, after some filtering.

Their Linux section is good too.
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