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Time and again, this issue about login has been posted here in the forum, and time and again, explanations have been provided as to why issue with login happens here in the forum. But, here goes again.

People have to understand that the forum on this site is not standalone, but it shares login with the main site. There are two parts to the Gizmo's site... first, the main site, the reason for this site to be in existence.. the main site where all the reviews of the free software are, along with several other articles of use. The second part is the freeware forum.

Both of these run on a different software.

People can browse both the site and the forum with just one login. To achieve this, a sort of a bridge has been created between the site and the forum. The main login is the login on the main site.

If you login to the main site first, and then move to the forum, you will find that you are logged in the forum, and the problem of repeated logout won't appear so much then. Nowadays, it does occur once for me... when I login for the first time to the site. After a while, the forum does log me out. I then re-login by choosing to reply to any thread, which opens up the login page of the forum for me. After that, I do not face any problem of being logged out of the forum.

I do logout at the end of the day, when I turn off my PC. So, I don't know how long the login remains if you do not logout. I don't have the habit of being logged in a site and just closing that page or the browser. I always logout.

Anyways, since the main login is on the main site, it would be preferable if people logged in to main site first, and then moved to the forum.

But, if you login to the forum directly, then such issues of repeated logouts can occur... because of the bridging between the site and forum.

So, please, understand that this forum is not standalone, and it is typical to this site. So please don't compare this forum to the other forums, which are standalone, and behave as they should. If this forum was standalone too, it would behave as it should behave.

And this site is run by volunteers who do the best they can. Keep that in mind too. So, please, co-operate a bit.
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