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Cool WPS Office 2019: Best Free Office ever?

WPS Office has upgraded to it's brand new version: 11.x (2019)

The installer has been changed, it's a lot cleaner, and provides different options for setup. Changelog isn't official yet and I wasn't able to find it online.

* The first screen gives you an option for All-in-one mode or Multi-component mode. The All-in-one mode allows you to open Presentation, Excel and Documents in a single window with different tabs. This is an awesome mode to experience your office documents getting rid of multi window mode.

* Lot of new skins, new interface and fonts. The new interface is exceptionally good and clean too.

Difference from the Pro version: (nothing that I miss though)

*Cloud storage (20GB)
*PDF to Word
*PDF Split
*Merge PDF
*No Ads
*Picture to Text

My Overall impression after 20min of usage - a solid 9.5/10 and a huge improvement over the 2016 version.
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