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R3 is really not that much different from what was already there in the Stable version, danielson.

Depends what you want from a browser. Opera has a lot of features that many people will find useful. News feeds (which you can personalise), access to social media accounts, My Flow, crypto wallet, built in ad blocker, free VPN, the dark theme - the settings for which are all accessible via the Easy Setup menu on the start page/speed dial page. Plus there's other stuff; Snapshot tool, Chromecast support, instant search etc.

Personally, I only really use the VPN, which is good, and the rest I have disabled. So I'm not the target audience in terms of what Opera are aiming at. I do occasionally enable various features, news feed, dark mode and so on and they work really well. It's just that I, personally, don't feel the need to have all that going on in a browser but that's not to say those features are pointless, I'm sure they're not to lots of people.

The changes in R3 that I think are a mistake are doing away with Turbo (useful to many people), making the speed dial tiles smaller and also not being able to pin the sidebar to the start page only. Before, you could pin the sidebar to just the start page, but now, if you have it pinned, it shows on every page and to me that's a nuisance and takes up space on the page. So now I don't use the sidebar.

So, there is a lot to make Opera stand out from some other browsers - and it receives regular security updates etc. It's a very good browser, but these Reborn versions are really not earth shattering in terms of changes to the UI - how the browser looks compared to others and all the rest of it.

There are things I'd like to see in Opera, I've mentioned them before, but I'm only one person and what I think would be an improvement obviously the developers don't and that's fine. I still use it, although not as often as I did before to be honest.

R3 is still being developed, there will be changes before the Final release so I'll wait and see, and hopefully they'll take note of what's being requested in the comments on their blog page
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