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The way I see it is that they created a bit of problem for themselves by developing Neon and then letting people install and use it. Neon is a whole new ball game in terms of browser design, a real change in appearance and how you browse. So now, every time they come up with these Reborn versions people are expecting something radical, like Neon, because they know what Opera are capable of creating and reading the comments on the R3 blog post proves this because Neon is referred to time and again. They should have kept updating Neon and let those who want to use it, use it - people still are using it. Opera themselves created the high expectation level, and when they don't deliver on the expectations that lots of users have with each Reborn version they get pockets of negative feedback.

So now I've uninstalled Opera Stable and decided to use R3 only, see what comes with each update and then install the Stable version on its release. I've encountered a couple of minor glitches, the main one being that the Easy Setup panel doesn't fully display but I can work around that. Other than that the browser is stable and doesn't crash etc.

I don't like the new idea of not being able to have the sidebar pinned only on internal pages, speed dial etc. So now I've reverted back to accessing things via the Opera button, bookmarks and so on. The bookmark bar takes up too much room in the UI, always has and I don't ever have it showing and this again is a mystery to me why they can't just introduce a setting to auto hide it. I frequently use Cent and Kinza, both Chrome forks, and each of those allows you to auto hide the bookmark bar by mousing over the address bar. Much simpler, more convenient, a cleaner look.

Cent and Kinza are nowhere near the size of Opera in terms of development teams and yet seem to have no problem creating such features, and actually listening to their users requests. And speaking of Cent and Kinza, both allow you to set any search engine as default, have less pre-loaded bloat than Opera and as a consequence both are faster - just my opinion.

I've been trying the new Opera dark theme in R3, in tandem with Dark Reader, and have to say it's good, I like it. People who have issues with their vision may find it useful, although if you're using Win10 you can achieve similar by using the Colour Filters and High Contrast options via the Ease of Access settings so I suppose it's whatever suits you best. This from the blog post ....

"With the light theme, your entire browser, including the sidebar and tab area, is bright and clean. To us, this evokes a feeling of openness and optimism. We designed it to spark productivity and lift your mood.

The dark theme signifies to us a certain elegance and focus. It turns the browser dark and subdued, almost mysterious. But on a practical note, it’s also soothing for the eyes

.... although I'm not sure how the new idea of making the speed dial tiles smaller is supposed to help people with poor vision or be soothing on the eyes?

I'm hoping they take note of user comments and a make changes in forthcoming versions of R3 before the Stable version release. We'll see.
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