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Hmm .... I'm not convinced regards the 'new design'. Not much has changed in the overall look of the browser. Smaller speed dial tiles and a few tweaks here and there to the UI, not that you'd hardly notice. The new Dark Theme is ok though, and if you combine it with, say for example the Dark Reader extension, then you do get a decent effect if it suits your eyes better. Turbo has gone, that may be an issue for some but the free VPN will have its merits for others and it does work well.

Crypto Wallets, News Feeds, Promoted Speed Dials and Bookmarks etc. don't interest me personally but I'm sure many will use those features. It still doesn't let you set your search engine of choice as default and that does rattle my cage a bit.

I'm still using it though, and it seems stable enough although there are glitches. Early days, see what else they add or change before the Stable release in March.

Their marketing waffle wears a bit thin with me though, and I wouldn't call it 'The New Standard of Browsing' .... maybe The Emperor's New Clothes?
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