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I updated my desktop via WU when it became available last week. It took a long time to update, longer than previous updates, but it worked and the machine runs fine. I lost no data files, everything still where it should be, and I do use the default folders. I don't permanently have it syncing to OneDrive though, I sync files every once in a while, as and when I feel the need to do it.

After the update my system restore was turned off and also, for some inexplicable reason, Bonjour had been installed once again. I can't fathom that out at all, but I killed the process and uninstalled it. Second time this has happened on this machine after an update.

I've also noticed that the system is using more memory - 7 or 8 percent more. Not unusual after one of these updates but definitely more than previous updates.

So the desktop is running well, but I tried to update my laptop and that caused me a world of pain. The update failed so then, having read what was happening to others I disconnected it from the internet and switched it off. I'm not going to attempt anything else with it until I see what MS do when they re-offer the update - and to be honest I'm past caring about it, it's a pain and I'm giving it to my daughter once I get it running again. I've written it off.

One thing that crossed my mind is that the desktop is AMD and the laptop is Intel. Whether that has anything to do with all this I have no idea. But both machines are pretty much set up the same so I can't work out why one would update without much issue and the other one failed.

I just wish MS would do their job properly. But I think they're getting worse.
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