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Default Hekasoft Backup & Restore is a MozBackup replacement

MozBackup was a great piece of software. It's purpose was to backup FireFox profiles. Unfortunately it's no longer being updated. I've recently found that a free program called "Hekasoft Backup & Restore" is a suitable alternative. As well as being able to backup and restore FireFox profiles it can perform the same function for many other browsers, even ones that perhaps few people have even heard of.

I did try FEBE for a while but I felt yet another browser add-on was just too much. I note that FEBE is "Not compatible with Firefox Quantum".

As stated, "Hekasoft Backup & Restore" is free, doesn't contain open candy etc., and a scan on VirusTotal found it to be clean. The developer is actively working on the software and also has a few other free programs that some might find useful.

The software is available in portable or installer versions and works with most versions of Windows OS.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a standalone replacement for MozBackup.
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