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List trivia: there are now around 3800 links in the list, and around 355 page sections (not including sections that are considered subsections). If we do a list maintenance operation that takes an average of 5 seconds per item, that is around 5 hours of work. If we do a list maintenance operation that takes an average of 5 minutes per item, that is around 315 hours of work.

My roadmap:

Phase 1: I will review every page of the list at the page section (not item) level of granularity. I may rename sections, create new sections, merge sections together, etc. Due to time constraints, I will not during this phase pursue operations that involve reclassifying a large number of items. Concurrently, in a text file on my computer, I will classify the page sections according to the reorganization discussed here. I hope for this phase to be completed by the end of 2015.

Phase 2: After Phase 1 is done, I will rearrange the list at the page section level of granularity according to the text file mentioned in Phase 1. This might take a few days.

Phase 3: I will look at every link on the list, fixing broken links and other issues encountered, but not reclassifying items.

Phase 4: I will look at the section classification of every item in the list. I'm not sure if there ever be time to do this phase for every item, so I might focus first on the most popular pages, areas that I know better or care more about, or pages that you request. This phase will be done over years of time.

Concurrent to all of these phases (except Phase 2), items will be added to the list by the list authors.

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