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There is a new version of WPS Office available on their site now. There is no version number provided though.

It seems that with the free version, they are providing 30 days trial of Home Premium version.

I compared the size of the setup, and size being different, I downloaded the setup and installed WPS Office.

The new version is

On starting the installation, it will automatically uninstall the previous version of Kingsoft Office.

During the installation of Kingsoft Office, I was provided the option to install the desired tool, for example, the Writer. But not with this version of WPS Office. It straight away started installation, and all three components were installed. Disappointed by that. There should be an option to choose.

The Kingsoft Office still continues to exist and offer download of Kingsoft Office. However, on starting the download there, the size is 60.8 MB, the same one as the setup on WPS site. I wonder if the same setup will be downloaded.
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