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Software Watch - Adware Watch List


Adware FAQ    |   Adware Watch List   |   Adware Guards
Are you about to install a software, and do you want to know how it behaves during/after installation? Here we list all softwares, those which are included in the class of Adwares. Similar softwares are categorized in the list, for ease of reference and comparison. If you wish to look-up a particular software in this list, that contains bundled components, use inbuilt search function (Ctrl+F) in your web browser. 
The list is limited to free/restricted free softwares only. No commercial products will be featured here. A general idea of adware is highlighted in Adware FAQ section. Users who have contributed to the list (through their comments at the bottom of the article or in the forum thread) are accredited in Adware Guards , along with the software they have brought into Editor's notice. Participate in fighting against adware and get yourself recognized. 
Users are also encouraged to post screenshots here, to validate the inclusion of softwares in the Adware Watch list. This makes life easier for us.
Note: The article will no longer be a user-editable wiki and the rights will be restricted to Gizmo's Editors only. Although, due credits will be given in the Adware Guards section for each individual. 
Terms used in the article
The adware products are listed, corresponding to the category that it belongs to, in alphabetical order. The bundled components that it includes are hence separated by commas. For example:
  • If the installer offers to install a product, then it's named as: Recommends [product]
  • If the installer offers to install toolbar or other services, then its name is simply inserted - eg: Ask Toolbar
  • If the program offers change in homepage or default search engine its mentioned as: Offers homepage change/search engine. If a toolbar is performing this change it won't be explicity mentioned as it's understood. In that case only point [2] is mentioned.
  • If the installer contains OpenCandy it's always shown in the beginning as:  OpenCandy
  • If the product shows ads for upgrading the software, or offers any other softwares within its interface, then its included in the list as: Displays [product] upgrade, Displays [software] ads .
  • If the product constantly shows product upgrade/other product offers during startup or during program function as a pop-up, then this title is used: Nagware
  • After installation, if the installer opens the web browser, to show other product recommendations or offers ads, then its included as: Browser ads [after installation/on starup/on close]
  • After installation, if desktop shortcuts or start menu shortcuts unrelated to the programs functionality are created, it's represented as: [product] Shortcuts.
Apart from these components getting installed, they also create certain other changes. These changes won't be listed explicitly in the watch list to avoid constant duplication, except for the components.
  • Toolbars - Offers change in homepage, search provider and new tab address (eg: Ask Toolbar, AVG Security Toolbar). Please note that most toolbar recommendations are offered only when your default browser is IE or Firefox. So if you are testing the presence of toolbars in setup of programs, make sure your default browser is one of these.
  • Googe Chrome recommendation - Offers Google toolbar and change in default browser and search engine. 
  • OpenCandy - OC is not installed on the system, but it scans the softwares installed on your PC to provide product recommendations, that you may choose to download and install on the system.
Adware Watch List - Index


Ad-Blocker | Antivirus | Antispyware | Antiphishing | Anonymous Surfing | Browser Sandbox | Covert Surveillance | Data Loss Prevention | Encryption | Firewall | HIPS | Monitoring | Password Tools | Rootkit Scanner | Secure DNS | Secure Shell | Site Adviser | Spam Blocker | Trojan Scanner | Update Monitor


Disk Checkup | Disk De-fragmenter | Disk Space AnalyzerDriver Backup | Duplicate Detector | File Cleaner | PC Tuneup | Process Viewer | Registry Cleaner | Secure Eraser | Startup Manager | System Information | Tweaker | Uninstaller


Automation Tools | Backup | Benchmarking | Data Recovery | Desktop Search | Drive Imaging | File Archiver | File Comparison | File Copy | File Manager | File Renamer | Folder Hiding | Folder Sync | GUI | Icon Tools | Onscreen Keyboard | Partition Manager | Program Launcher | Themes | Type Setting | Virtual Desktop


Advertising | Bittorrent Client | Communications | Dialup/Connectivity | Download Manager | Email Client | File Sharing | File Transfer | FTP Client | HTML Editor | IM Client | Java/ActiveX | LAN Utilities | Middleware | Network Finder | News Reading | Plugins | Portal Server | Remote Access | Remote Access | Routing Software | Search Tools | Shopping | Social N/wking | Telephony | Telnet/SSH Emulator | Web Browser | Web/Video Camst | Web Grabber


3D Models | Animation |  Audio Editor | CADCD Ripper | CD-DVD Burner | CD-DVD Emulation | Clip Art | Codecs /Splitters | Desktop Publishing | DVD Ripper | Font Tools | Format Conversion | Graphics | HDR Software | Image Editor | Image Viewer | Media Centre | Media Player | Media Recorder | Music Creation | Music PlayerPaint | Photo Organizer | Photo Slideshows | Radio | Screen Capture | Tag Editor | TV Viewer | Video Editor


Database | Family Tree Software | Finance Software | Math/Scientific ToolsOffice Suite | PDF Reader | PDF Tools | PDF Writer | PIM | Presentation | Project Manager | Reminders | Schedulers/Contact | Software Suite | Spreadsheet | Text Editor | Word Processor | World Clock

The Ultimate Adware List



  • Avast - Recommends Google Chrome, Offers product upgrade
  • AVG - AVG Security toolbar
  • Avira - Displays product upgrade [Nagware], Ask toolbar        
  • Panda Cloud - Panda Security toolbar                                                


  • SuperAntiSpyware - Ask toolbar
  • AntiRun - toolbar


Anonymous Surfing

Browser Sandbox

  • Sandboxie - Displays product upgrade [Nagware]

Covert Surveillance

Data Loss Prevention



  • AVS Firewall: Installs AVS Software Browser. Recommends AVS Registry Cleaner
  • Comodo Firewall: Recommends Comodo Dragon, GeekBuddy



Password Tools

  • Roboform - Offers homepage/search engine change (disabled by default)
  • Secure Password Manager - Wajam browser add-on

Rootkit Scanner

Secure DNS

Secure Shell

  • Putty Enhanced - Babylon toolbar, Browser ads after installation

Site Adviser

Spam Blocker

Trojan Scanner

Update Monitor

  • SuMo(RK) - RelevantKnowledge, Babylon toolbar, Complitly toolbar (No RK doesn't contain RelevantKnowledge)
Cleanup, Tune, and System Utilities

Disk Checkup

Disk De-fragmenter

  • Auslogics Disk Defrag - Ask toolbar, Displays Auslogics BoostSpeed & Antivirus ads
  • Defraggler - Recommends Google Chrome
  • My Defragmenter - MyPhoneSupport desktop icon, Displays MyPhoneSupport & DriveShop ads.

Disk Space Analyzer

Driver Backup

  • SlimDrivers - AVG security toolbar  
  • DriverMax - AVG security toolbar  

Duplicate Detector

  • Duplicate Cleaner - Bing toolbar
  • Easy Duplicate Finder 2.4 - Nagware [product upgrade], Ask toolbar

File Cleaner

  • CCleaner - Recommends Google Chrome

PC Tuneup

  • Glary Utilities - Ask toolbar

Process Viewer

Registry Cleaner

  • Wise Registry Cleaner - Recommends Wise Disk Cleaner, Displays WiseCare 365 ads

Secure Eraser

Startup Manager

System Information

  • SIW - OpenCandy



  • Advanced Uninstaller Pro - AVG Security toolbar
File and Desktop Utilities

Automation Tools



Data Recovery

  • Pandora Recovery - Ask toolbar

Desktop Search

Drive Imaging

File Archiver

  • ExtractNow - Babylon toolbar
  • IZArc - OpenCandy
  • jZip - Searchqu toolbar
  • PeaZip - AVG security toolbar

File Comparison

File Copy

File Manager

  • xplorer2lite - xplorer2lite toolbar

File Renamer

Folder Hiding

Folder Sync


Icon Tools

Onscreen Keyboard

Partition Manager

Program Launcher


Type Setting

Virtual Desktop

  • Dexpot - OpenCandy


Bittorrent Client

  • BitComet - Nagware [pop-up's], Google toolbar, MPCStar, Browser ads
  • BitTorrent - OpenCandy, Offers featured content ads, BitTorrent toolbar
  • uTorrent -  uTorrent toolbar, Offers & Displays featured content ads



Download Manager

  • Orbit Downloader - OpenCandy, Grab Pro toolbar, Offers to change homepage

Email Client

  • IncrediMail 2 - MyStart toolbar, Browser ads after installation, Fixie & incrediGames & e-mail animations desktop/startmenu shortcuts

File Sharing

File Transfer

FTP Client

  • Pando (file sharing p2p) - OpenCandy, Nagware [upgrade], Displays upgrade ads, Pando toolbar

HTML Editor

IM Client

  • AIM - AOL messaging toolbar
  • ICQ - ICQ toolbar, ICQ search shortcut, ICQGuard
  • Pandion - Offers add-on, homepage/search engine change
  • QIP Infium - Offers homepage/search engine change, Offers FF add-on
  • Trillian Astra - Ask toolbar, Recommends Xobni plugin, Displays upgrade ad


  • Sun Java - Ask toolbar
  • DirectX Redistributable - Bing toolbar

LAN Utilities


Network Finder

News Reading

  • Feed Demon Lite - Displays ads in deck


Portal Server

Remote Access

Routing Software

Search Tools


Social N/wking


Telnet/SSH Emulator

Web Browser

  • Slimbrowser - Ask, Deals hunter, MySearch toolbars

Web/Video Cams

Web Grabber

3D Models


Audio Editor


CD Ripper

  • FreeRIP - Nagware [upgrade], Yahoo toolbar, Offers DropinSavings extension

CD-DVD Burner

  • BurnAware Free - Ask toolbar
  • CDBurnerXP - OpenCandy [default installer]
  • ImgBurn - Uniblue desktop shortcuts

CD-DVD Emulation

Clip Art

Codecs /Splitters

  • K-Lite Codec Pack - StartNow toolbar
  • Media Player Codec Pack - Dealio toolbar, AnyDVD HD product recommendation
  • Win7codecs - Ask/Bing toolbar, WeatherBug

Desktop Publishing

DVD Ripper

Font Tools

Format Conversion

  • AnyVideo Converter - OpenCandy [RealPlayer], Browser ads after installation
  • Freemake Audio Converter - Facemoods toolbar
  • Freemake Video Converter - Facemoods toolbar
  • MediaCoder - OpenCandy
  • XRecode II - Nagware [product upgrade]


HDR Software

Image Editor

  • FotoMix - Facemoods toolbar
  • FotoMorph - Facemoods toolbar
  • Photoscape - Google Chrome recommendation

Image Viewer

  • IrfanView - Recommends Google Chrome, Offers Uniblue Registry Booster in FAQ section after installation

Media Centre

Media Player

  • DivX Plus Free - Recommends DIVX Plus converter 
  • GOM Player - Recommends GOM Video converter 
  • JetAudio Basic - Ask toolbar, Free mp3 and trial pay service
  • Kantaris - OpenCandy [basic installer]
  • KMPlayer - OpenCandy, Ask toolbar, Pandora TV Service
  • Real Player Free - Browser download & record plugin
  • SPlayer - OpenCandy [basic installer]
  • Zoom Player Free - OpenCandy

Media Recorder

Music Creation

Music Player

  • MediaMonkey - Displays ads


Photo Organizer

  • Picassa - Offers search engine change, Displays Google ads [services]

Photo Slideshows


Screen Capture

  • PicPick - Babylon Toolbar / SweetIM
  • Screenshot Captor - Registration [Nagware]

Tag Editor

  • Minilyrics - Displays product upgrade [Nagware]

TV Viewer

Video Editor


Family Tree Software

Finance Software

Math/Scientific Tools

Office Suite

PDF Reader

  • CoolPDF Reader - Displays MagicPDF ads

PDF Tools

PDF Writer



Project Manager



Software Suite


Text Editor

Word Processor

World Clock


What's New!
Date Items added
2 Aug 2012 added Putty Enhanced, IncrediMail, FeedDemon, XRecode II
1 Aug 2012 added Pandora Recovery, Wise Registry Cleaner, Glary Utilities, Roboform, Secure Password Manager
9 Jul 2012 added xplorer2lite
9 Jun 2012 added FreeRIP, AIM, ICQ, Dexpot, QIP Infium, Trillian Astra
8 Jun 2012 added MediaMonkey, BitComet, Peazip, IZArc, CoolPDF
Suggestions and Comments!
Since this is a community driven service, your comments and suggestions are most welcome so that we can keep this list growing, and help each other to stay safe from adwares. You may post your comments below and better still, if you have got screenshots to prove and help us, post in this thread and you will be accredited in the Adware Guards section.
This article is maintained by volunteer editor George.J. Registered users can contact me here
Adware FAQ    |   Adware Watch List   |   Adware Guards


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by Stamimail on 4. December 2013 - 11:08  (112763)

I searched the site for info about Babylon (Translation software), and I didn't find much.
1. Why is there no page about Babylon?
2. Is babylon safe?
3. If not, Are there some instructions can lead us to make it safe?
Thanks in advance

by Lanaka on 3. December 2012 - 23:05  (103323)

VideoPad offered to download and install extensions, even when VideoPad is NOT running, which tells me that it has also installed some hooks into the system. This is even after I indicated during installation that I didn't want anything else installed exept for VideoPad itself. Offered to install a video converter and then a zip extracter, both while I was downloading stuffs AND I never started the program since system booting. After the second offer, I uninstalled the *bleep* thing, but noticed that there are some extra processes are still running in the task manager that wasn't there before installation (however, I'm not certain whether it's in fact VideoPad, so cannot point finger in this particular point, I had installed 3 other softwares in same time period). After the uninstall, I had to manually fix my file associations for various video, audio and archive file types. It didn't even restore my old associations like most other softwares does on uninstall! BTW, I also didn't want my associations to be taken by VideoPad, but it went ahead and claimed them anyway. GRRR!

PS: I accidentally ran across this section of TSA and wrote the above from memory. The above has happened several months ago so I'm actually writing this based on my memory of what happened. There is a possibility of some inaccuracies in the details BUT the basics still remain the same.

PSS: VideoPad didn't even tell me that it was VideoPad that was doing the offer. I actually initially thought it was the system doing the offer. During the second time, I actually went looking for what was downloaded and installed, it was then I realized that it was VideoPad that did this when I found new entries in my start menu under VideoPad's section. Good thing I had Windows to highlight new installations in the start menu.


by alexxx46 on 21. October 2012 - 19:55  (101151)

MORPHEUS 5.7.1 p2p program - on custom install offers as bundleware the Conduit toolbar, homepage and default search engine change, all options being untickable. (listed as unsafe p2p app at

by alexxx46 on 21. October 2012 - 19:40  (101149)

BEARSHARE v.10 custom install offers the Search-Results Toolbar & S-RT as the default search engine, plus as your homepage. Both options can be rejected. (listed as unsafe p2p app at

by alexxx46 on 21. October 2012 - 19:37  (101148)

AZUREUS/VUZE 4.7 on custom install offers to change your default search engine to Vuze Remote Web Search and also changes your browser's home page to Vuze Remote home page (you can untick both options during installation).

Listed as unsafe p2p app at

by alexxx46 on 6. October 2012 - 8:40  (100363)

MajorGeeks together with Softpedia seem to be good sources of bundled adware/spyware info.

by alexxx46 on 5. October 2012 - 10:04  (100323)

SlimCleaner, reported by MajorGeeks:

This program is advertising supported and may offer to install third party programs that are not required for the program to run. These may include a toolbar, changing your homepage, default search engine or other third party programs. Please watch the installation carefully to opt out.

My experience: On install, SlimCleaner (dl from Softpedia) does not offer any opt-out options.

by alexxx46 on 11. October 2012 - 20:03  (100294)

Unsolicited shareware and adware list by Donna, continued

CDBurnerXP - Ask toolbar. Update: Also offering SpywareTerminator and Uniblue Registry Booster.
ChrisTV Lite - ChrisTV Toolbar/Relevant Knowledge adware.
ClamWin - Ask Toolbar
Comodo Internet Security, Antivirus & Firewall - Ask Toolbar (added 12/6/2008) (Comodo Firewall Pro installer has Ask Toolbar too, in case you still have the installer). Note: CIS now has HopSurf Toolbar which has Ask Search Delisted. Note that HopSurf Toolbar is still offered by Comodo but no longer included (not bundled) in the installer of their Comodo products.
Corel Paint Shop Pro X - Yahoo! Toolbar but not pre-checked.
CPU-Z - Ask Toolbar.
CSmenu - Ask Toolbar.
Cyberlink BD Advisor - Google Toolbar.
Cyberlink PowerDVD 8 - Google Toolbar and BETA of Moovielive
Daemon Tools - Search tool and sponsor ad module
Defraggler - Yahoo Toolbar
DexTop - RegistryBooster.
Digsby instant messenger - bundled with unwanted add-ons and using your PC to make money.
DivX - Yahoo Toolbar/Norton Security Scan
Driver Sweeper - Open Candy.
Duplicate Cleaner - Bing Toolbar and Search Helper Extension in Firefox.
DVDx - Ask Toolbar
FLV Player - Yahoo! Toolbar.
FormatFactory - ebay shorcut and/or Ask toolbar.
Foxit Pdf Reader - Ask Toolbar and ebay shortcut in desktop
Freecommander - ebay shortcuts.
Free Download Manager - prechecked and bundles Software Informer
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter - DVDSoft Toolbar, search engine.
Game House Installers - Google Desktop Search and/or Google Toolbar for IE.
GameVance Installer - Ask Toolbar and Weather Channel Desktop
GetGo Download Manager - Ask Toolbar.
Glary Utilities - Ask Toolbar
GOM Player - Google Toolbar . This is now offering Ask Toolbar.
Google Earth - Pre checked Google Toolbar installation or Chrome browser.
Google Talk - no addon but will change default search setting of IE
Hotspot Shield - Hotspot Shield Community Toolbar (by default) from Conduit.
ICQ - ICQ Toolbar
IE7Pro - Offering ProgSense. Installed Grab Pro Toolbar (using Ask search).
IM ToolPack - Crawler toolbar.
ImgBurn - Ask Toolbar and Uniblue Desktop icons.
IMMUNET - Ask Toolbar.
Incredimail - MyStart Homepage and Search Page if user will use default installation.
IOBit Security 360 - IObit Toolbar.
IOBit Smart Defrag - Yahoo Toolbar/Search Settings.
IObit Advanced SystemCare - Yahoo Toolbar.
IrfanView (Google Toolbar for IE and Google Desktop Search)
Isobuster - Ask Toolbar
IZArc - RegistryBooster.
Logitech Setpoint (Logitech Yahoo! Toolbar)
ManyCam Virtual Webcam - Ask Toolbar and Norton Security Scan.
Maxathon 2 - Facebook Sidebar Plugin
McAfee Site Advisor update - (Yahoo! default browser search) (added 12/6/2008)
MediaCoder - Registry Reviver.
MessengerPlus! Live - Ask Toolbar.
Miro - Ask Toolbar.
MP3 WMA Converter - Yahoo Search and Delio Comparsion Shopping Toolbar
MooO Connection Watcher - AutoComplete Pro (detected as adware).
MyPhoneExplorer- offering ebay shortcuts and taskbar
Nero Free, Nero Burning Rom or Nero 9 Essentials and Nero BurnLite 10 - Ask Toolbar
Norton products - Ask Search in Norton toolbar. No option to remove and it was pushed by including in a Norton patch.
Office Live add-in - includes Silverlight as add-on
OpenCandy - offering third party software. Report says that even if you do not install the 3rd party software, there is modification in the registry, files and will add tracking cookies. There's also Conduit Toolbar in the page
PalTalk - Ask Toolbar. There's a nag screen prompting to upgrade from free to paid edition. No way to turn off the nag.
Panda Cloud AV - Yahoo Search Assistant and a pre-checked toolbar.
PC Tools Spyware Doctor - Google Toolbar
PC Tools Firewall Plus - Google Toolbar and Threatfire
PC Tools ThreatFire - Google Toolbar.
PC Wizard 2010 - Ask Toolbar.
PDFCreator - Yahoo Toolbar. Thanks to member sharp. Updated: Also offers PDFforger Toolbar and Widgi Toolbar (mybrowser bar).
PDF-XChangeViewer - Ask Toolbar.
Perfect Utilities - with Relevant Knowledge (RK).
PhotoFiltre - Ask Toolbar.
Picpick - Babylon toolbar, homepage and default search.
Quick Media Converter HD - Ask Toolbar, Ask Search, Ask Homepage (by default).
Quicksys RegDefrag - Ask Toolbar.
RapidTyping - Bing Toolbar.
RealPlayer - Google Chrome as pre-checked.
Risingware Fast Start Genie - installs Fast Start Genie and Risingware i-Desktop.
Shockwave Player - Norton Security Scan or Google Toolbar
SIW (System Information for Windows) - Crawler Toolbar. UPDATE: The installer of SIW (free version) will offer SnagIt (report here)or PC Tools Registry Mechanic but not pre-checked.
Skype - Google Toolbar. NEW report: The Browser Highlighter
Spiderplayer - Bing Toolbar.
Spyware Terminator - Web security guard, Crawler
StarBurn - installs StarPort DVD-ROM Emulator and SaveTubeVideo tools and other changes.
Sun Java RE (online installer) - Google Toolbar / Live Search for Windows Toolbar. There's report too that Carbonite Backup is being offered (depends on your location)
Sun Java -
Thoosje Sidebar - Amazon or eBay toolbar.
Trillian - Ask Toolbar and Weather Channel Desktop. Update: Ask Toolbar and RegistryBooster
Unlocker 1.90 - eBay Desktop shortcuts and Bing Toolbar (with 30 seconds waiting for proceeding to install if you'll uncheck Bing Toolbar install).
uTorrent - Ask Toolbar.
Vdownloader Plus - Ask Toolbar and eBay shortcuts.
Veoh media player - Yahoo toolbar, search engine change & search protection
VSO Image Resizer - Ask Toolbar.
WeatherBug - Ask Toolbar.
Webroot SpySweeper - Ask Toolbar
Wildfire CD Ripper - Torrent toolbar - Download Energy.
Winamp - Winamp Toolbar
Windows Live Installer - Windows Live Toolbar and Sign-in Assistant
Windows Update - Windows Genuine Advantage Notification - (pre-checked, not required, should not be high-priority).
Windows SteadyState - Windows Live Toolbar
Winzip - RegistryBooster. Now offering Google Toolbar
xplorer2Lite - Conduit toolbar
XP-Antispy - eBay Shortcuts.
Yahoo! Instant Messenger - Yahoo! toolbar, with ‘Yahoo! Search Protection’ and homepage change to Yahoo!

by alexxx46 on 4. October 2012 - 21:45  (100292)

Another list of unsolicited software and adware, by Donna, with my insignificant modifications compiled 30 Jun 2009 through 30 Jun 2011

Installers Hall of Shame (Unwanted add-ons)

4 shared Desktop - Toolbar.
Ad-Aware - Google Chrome
Adobe Flash Player - Google Toolbar
Adobe Reader - eBay Desktop
Advanced SystemCare formerly known as Iobit advanced one care - Yahoo Toolbar (selecting no will still do changes on the system)
Aero Fox addon for Firefox - Ask toolbar.
Any Video Converter - Chrome.
AnVir TaskManager - Dealio Toolbar and some other third party applications. Updated Jan. 15, 2010: Now with rogue, RegistryCleanerPro.
AOL Instant Messenger - AOL Toolbar
Apple’s Software Updater - Safari Browser, QuickTime, iTunes
Applian FLV Player - Yahoo Toolbar
Auslogics Disk Defrag - Ask Toolbar.
Auslogics Duplicate File Finder - Ask Toolbar.
Auslogics Registry Defrag - Ask Toolbar
Auslogics System Information - Ask Toolbar
Avast - Google Chrome but no pre-checked/pre-selected.
AVG LinkScanner (standalone and free) AVG Security toolbar is Yahoo Toolbar
AVG Free - AVG Security Toolbar (Yahoo Search bar). AVG 9 - AVG Security Toolbar/Yahoo Search
BitComet - Google Toolbar
BitTorrent 6.1.2/6.3 - Ask Toolbar
BurnAware Free - Ask Toolbar.
CCleaner (standard installer) - Yahoo Toolbar <<

by alexxx46 on 1. October 2012 - 19:23  (100059)

'YTD YouTube Converter and Downloader (a/k/a YTD Video Downloader) from', offers YTD Toolbar by Spigot install, Yandex default search and Yandex as home page (comment by Gil Mensch).

by alexxx46 on 1. October 2012 - 19:26  (100055)

Free Studio 5 (includes Free YouTube to MP3 Converter) from DVDVideoSoft - OpenCandy, toolbar, default search change (comment by Gil Mensch).

by alexxx46 on 4. October 2012 - 7:27  (100054)

Freemake Video Downloader - OpenCandy (Rob. Shifreen, Finally a Free, Flexible Youtube Download That Works)

P.S. According to user Apatt, FVD may also hijack browser's start page and change the default search engine.

by alexxx46 on 26. September 2012 - 20:06  (99794)

From Wikipedia;

Applications known to use OpenCandy:

Any Audio Converter
Any Video Converter
CCleaner (the 'slim version' without Yahoo Toolbar can be found under "Builds page" section)
CDBurnerXP (the 'minimal' installer under "More download options" -> "Default installer (Without OpenCandy)" (as of February 23, 2012) is however adfree)
Cheat Engine
CNET TechTracker
CrystalDiskInfo (3.9.1-en Installer Edition verified -> use adfree Portable Edition instead)
Daemon Tools
DarkWave Studio
DVDStyler ( verified)
Driver Sweeper (2.9 verified)
FL Studio
Free Music Zilla (2.0.4 according to terms of use)
FreeFileSync 5.6
Free Video Dub
Free Video To Flash Converter ( according to terms of use)
HappyLand Adventures (version 1.3.1 .earlier versions do not have OpenCandy )
Image Tuner
Launchy (when not downloaded from SourceForge)
Office 2010 Trial Extender
Orbit Downloader
PeaZip from release 3.7 to 4.4
Power Plan Assistant for Windows® 7 (read the EULA)
PSP Video 9
SIW 2011 Home Edition
Startup Manager
Super Simple Photo Resizer
Veoh Web Player
Sigil (dropped with version 0.5.0 and later[6])
Soft32 Updater
True Burner
Winamp (version 5 and newer, but not version 2.x)
Super Mario Bros X (Level Editor)
Youtube Downloader HD.

by alexxx46 on 21. September 2012 - 16:37  (99562)

VSDC Free Video Converter - Conduit.

by alexxx46 on 29. August 2012 - 18:02  (98466)
by alexxx46 on 24. September 2012 - 10:37  (99686)

From MajorGeeks:
AudioGrail This program is advertising supported and may offer to install third party programs that are not required for the program to run. These may include a toolbar, changing your homepage, default search engine or other third party programs. Please watch the installation carefully.

by CB on 28. August 2012 - 13:45  (98412)

FreeFileSync bundled with Open Candy. Using the /nocandy switch when installing seems to have prevented installation of Open Candy.

by alexxx46 on 18. August 2012 - 11:25  (97901)

MediaCoder uses OpenCandy

by George.J on 18. August 2012 - 18:44  (97922)

Thanks for mentioning. You've been included in the Adware Guards section. Welcome :)

by George.J on 2. August 2012 - 7:13  (97087)

The list now contains 75+ adware products. :)

by sofired (not verified) on 12. June 2012 - 0:16  (94713)

CCleaner contains the Ask toolbar

by George.J on 12. June 2012 - 9:49  (94725)

CCleaner used to offer the Yahoo toolbar before, but not anymore according to my knowledge. It doesn't include the Ask toolbar. I have extracted the files and found that it may include Google toolbar if you choose to accept the Google Chrome recommendation by CCleaner default installer. Thanks, added to the list.

by sirpaul2 on 1. August 2012 - 19:08  (97046)

This has great potential, but I'm afraid you'll be giving this answer a lot.

A lot of the 'add-ons' can be site specific (you know which ones I'm talking about - the ones that use their own installers).

In my never-ending search for everything free (that's one reason I love this site), I've downloaded both 'clean' and 'dirty' versions of the same program.

Anymore, if I can't find the developer's page, I probably won't download it. It would be nice to know if the program comes 'dirty' from the developer.