The Best Free Disk & File Software for PC

Article Hitssort ascending
Best Free Drive Cloning Software 1,929,461
Best Free File-Based Backup Program 1,552,954
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 1,231,521
Best Free Duplicate File Remover 1,141,565
Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility 1,139,283
Best Free Partition Management Software 1,044,451
Best Free Hard Drive Eraser 1,005,127
Best Free File Manager 980,725
Best Free Music Creation Software 923,300
Best Free Disk Space Analyzer 807,827
Best Free Online Backup Sites 795,200
Best Free CD-DVD Emulation Software 729,044
Best Free PC Cleaner 672,231
Best Free File Copy Utility 657,068
Best Free Data Recovery and File Un-delete Utility 627,798
Best Free Hard Drive Health Monitoring and Diagnostic Programs 627,152
Best Free File Encryption Utility 589,131
Best Free Windows Driver Backup and Restore 585,680
Best Free File Comparison Utility 552,383
Best Free File Archiver-Zip Utility 535,465
Best Free File Rename Utility 482,443
Best Free CD Recovery Utility 324,494
Best Free Drive Encryption Utility 318,063
Best Free File Manager for Android 287,492
Best Free Undeletable File Remover 212,943
Word and Phrase search in PDF Files 205,483
Best Free Search and Replace Utility 188,005
Best Free Encryption Utility for Personal Use at Work 170,775
Best Free Hash Utility 157,323
Best Free Folder Hiding Utility 142,791
Best Free Encryption Utility for Cloud Storage 139,191
Best Free Outlook Express Backup 99,492
Best Free Encrypted Virtual Drive Utility 46,266
Easier Way to Use and Manage Libraries in Windows 7 and 8 22,100
Free Replacements For 20,919
Easily and Safely Eject USB Drives and Memory Cards 15,497
An Easy Way to Send and Receive Files Across Multiple Devices 9,073