Xtreme Download Manager

A competent open-source download manager that works across multiple platforms.

Our Score
Our Score
License Free (Open source)
Link https://xtremedownloadmanager.com/
Good media capture ability, refresh and resume download from expired links,  browser integration, multiple download queues, good download speeds, frequent updates with good support.
The user interface could be improved, heavy download size.

Xtreme Download Manager (XDM), a new open-source app, is relatively unknown but a great contender to other choices with its media capture ability. It works across multiple platforms and rightfully deserves the “Project of the Month” award for February 2018 at SourceForge.

The interface of XDM has improved through each update. The categories section appears to the left sidebar and the download controls are placed at the bottom. There is a handy one-touch button for monitoring browser downloads which is extremely useful.

XDM is yet another download manager that supports multiple download queues that can be scheduled. Its media capture ability is good in that the formats to download are available on demand when you load a specified resolution.

A password manager is built-in to manage passwords and credentials for websites while downloading files. The export and import feature will come in handy when you decide to uninstall the download manager or if you have incomplete downloads, but it doesn’t clearly show what file types it supports.

The network optimization feature helps you adjust the download speed according to the type of connection you have. The batch download feature grabs the links from the clipboard to download them seamlessly. It also supports Refresh link feature to capture expired download links.

Among other features, a speed limiter, support for proxy/socks and auto-scanning with an antivirus make it an all-round winner, with amazing support and frequent updates.

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